why does it take so long to find out what is bothering me.

Today’s blog is scary. I am popping back into the mind, and that can be a very scary place.  Just like any other part of your body, things break, misfire or become ill in the mind. So, why is this scary…



Well we freak out when our mind confuses us.

There is that stigmatism attached to this too.. oh he is crazy. I don’t like that word, even in fun. No one should be afraid of ridicule when they say they have a mental illness or disorder. They are not “crazy”, dense, or some of those other words. Often they are incredibly bright. I am rambling, I have gone over this before. The mind is a part of the body and at times needs adjustment. 

So you decide things are not ticking along as they should be. (over simplification) you decide to seek help. By the time you have decided to take this step you are anxious. You are also bothered by what is tormenting you. You want to feel well NOW.

So you finally get your appointment, likely a bag of nerves too. You expect to go in and get a pill perhaps, to fix everything up. *sighs*

Unfortunately it often isn’t that easy. 


It is not fair, I want to know now, I want to get better.

*nods* I know. 

But there are so many things to look at, check over, eliminate. First, is it a physical thing that is causing you your distress. That can happen.

There are a lot of illnesses that have similar symptoms as well. It takes time to sort through it. Time you don’t want to give when all you want is to feel better. You of course have been on the internet, spoken with people, so you have self diagnosed your condition, why can’t you just get help now…

I can give examples now, and am cautioning you they are not to be used for self diagnosis. So why not help right away? Because of so many things.

Bipolar.  ok so what is that, this is a disorder where you have periods of depression and they alternate with periods of elation. (simplified) manic depressive is a name you may know it by, the manic part is the period you have where you are euphoric, days with no sleep and high energy levels. Impulsive behaviour often results, spending sprees and other things, I am stopping as I don’t want to suggest. The depressive part is as it sounds. Now everyone has highs and lows, but not like this. Not to this extent or level. 

So why did I just go through that?

Diagnosing this can be hard, if the person seeks help in a depressed stage and doesn’t mention the manic or hypomanic episode they may be treated for depression only. Mood mapping will show strength, length, and frequency of symptoms, it takes time.

Then the two “stages” intermingle, manic and depressive co exist at the same moment. 

I am stopping again. I want to go on, but I told myself when I started the blog, I wasn’t going to post symptoms that people would go hey that is me.  

This was just to explain how a diagnosis can take some time. The above example is not so easy either, the length of cycles can and will vary, is different for people. Some are very long, with normal times between the highs and lows, some are rapid cycles where there are no normal periods between.

So diagnosis is based on what the patient tells you, and what you can get from family, friends or coworkers or history.

Symptoms from ADHD can be similar to bipolar, and other conditions as well, again I am not making a list of what they could be so YOU start to go hmmm, maybe that is me. But these conditions can be treated so fear not.

Again, so why the long time for a diagnosis. hmm, I am going there again. But there can be times when there are more conditions existing at the same time, they can change some symptoms or intensify them. Again, treatable, so don’t gasp, but they have to be identified, and this becomes more difficult. 

Confused? ok, I could clear it up with examples, but that isn’t happening, again, because then someone stumbles across this blog and faints… that is me. that is me

I don’t want to do that. To encourage self diagnosis, assumptions. 

How fast things go often depends on how honest you are as well, are you letting everything out, perhaps you are, but maybe your mind is protecting you from other things and they are staying hidden. Maybe there are things you don’t think pertinent, so you skip over them. Traumatic episodes hidden in your past perhaps.  Some could be terrible, others you may didn’t think were bothering you.

Again I am pausing deciding on examples or not. one comes to mind, but it may upset. 

skip over this if you are squeamish. I am not kidding. A volunteer firefighter, goes to many things, very few are parades. They see a lot. accidents. They are usually the first on the scene at terrible accidents. One of these very special people, a VF attended an accident concerning a man and a train, he was the first on the scene. Now he had seen all sorts of things, not that you get a thick skin for this, but you learn to cope a bit. Later he was very tormented and it wasn’t coming out why. Of course he didn’t share what he saw or sees at accidents with family and friends, so they didn’t know what was bothering him, actually he didn’t really know himself. Until in an intense therapy discussion it came out.  That person had been a friend of his. His mind hid that from him. But he was still tormented. My uncle got over this though. 🙂 he is a hero. 

There are other types of episodes that will do this, they are more common for females but not exclusively  those unwanted ones, where someone thinks you are offering things that you are not, and they take it. the ones that create those anniversaries you wish you could forget. (I wish I could forget) Sometimes we do forget them, our mind pushes them into the shadows. Often in younger people this becomes hidden by the mind.

This sort of thing can be a trigger. It can also mess with other symptoms. notice I didn’t name it? and am not going to. It is just to point out how it takes time to sort these things out.

We can also discuss how some symptoms are possibilities for some conditions but not always there. Anxiety can trigger things. Things that are often associated with other conditions. I am confusing again.

hmm example time again, I am wondering if I should delete this blog. OK once again, this is not a diagnosis, just examples of why it takes time.

I will start easy. Panic attacks, horrible things. You rush to the hospital, you are sure that you are having a heart attack. 

Hearing things, perhaps a ringing, or a noise that isn’t there, yes hallucinations. auditory hallucinations is the term and noises like a bell ringing or a noise are called simple, but yes anxiety can also cause complex auditory hallucinations. Conversations.  This is also a symptom of other disorders, so you see, a simple you have this, is harder to do. Do you understand? And yes they can be visual as well, and even smelling things that are not there.

So why am I telling you this, because if you are still reading this, worrying about what may be, will cause more anxiety. As hard as it is, try not to self diagnose, when we do, we find we have everything.

oh I have to tell a silly joke now. This girl goes to the doctor. She tells him she hurts everywhere, and shows him, she takes her index finger and presses it to her chin and cries out loudly… then her knee and the same thing, poke and owwwwwwe, on to her elbow, finger pokes the scream is heard… finally the doctor tells her to stop.. she has a broken finger.

NO SHE IS NOT BLONDE. *sticks out my tongue*

So, perhaps you can see how, as frustrating as it is, it takes time to diagnose a disorder. (eeeeps I labeled it)

But, once diagnosed properly, and that is key for treatment, things can improve, and often quickly. It just takes that painful slow time to properly diagnose. 

hang in there.

oh darn I wrote another novel. 


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. What a wonderfully enlightening post Amber! You are 1,000 percent right on once again! Casts a vote of Amber for President! *s* O.K., we do have to get around that sticky nationality issue and yes, you don’t qualify based on the age requirement either – still, I am quite certain the world would be a much better place if you were in charge. *BIG HUGS* Thank you for being you and god bless your uncle and all of those that volunteer and pitch in to make the world a better place.

  2. Completely agree. When you were talking about bipolar I was like ‘hey that’s me’ and laughed xD I’m rapid cycling. Rapid cycling is defined as more then 4 or 6 can’t remember the number periods of a year and you can get normal pieces in between. It just turns out that many rapid cyclers don’t and is more common in teens and young adults. Though I know someone who cycles daily. I love how enlightening this is. Thanks for posting :).

  3. I hope the people who you were writing to .. hear … and can feel how much you care. This post has information yes …and what come’s across is the need to be patient when trying to figure out things …and how complicated it can be. (That and how self-diagnosis can leave you feeling more anxious that you need to be…ack…how I know this….*sighs a bit*….but you are right.) …but as I really wished t say was that…what really comes across in this post is your caring Amber.

    I hope things turn out okay for whomever this was written for. I really do.

  4. nods, it is complicated. Patience is hard to achieve when you are tormented. You want NOW.

    Anxiety will cause yourself a lot of harm, physical and mental. now I know I can’t just say don’t worry, because those words are meaningless. But hunting things down may increase your worry, needlessly. (points to needlessly again) ((underlines it))

    I know it will, they are very strong. They can do anything!

    • “I know it will, they are very strong. They can do anything!”

      That…is something I LOVED to hear just now. Yah!!!! Whoever it is….and for anyone and everyone …the can do anything. We all can.

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