hmmmm well if they knew the words…. those birds

Ok I am giggling now, I felt it was time for something lighter. What is lighter than a humming bird?

And they are so pretty too.

We have humming bird feeders at our house and the cottage.

I love watching them. 

It seems that there are a lot of different kinds too.

Don’t you just love they way they pose?

And they seem to know a picture with flowers in it makes it nicer.

Very clever I think.

Have you all seen them?

Are they in your areas too?

They are quite bold. If you don’t scare them with quick moves they will fly close to you. 

I put my finger out, in front of the feeder one time and he (it was a he) sat on my finger while drinking out of the feeder. I was in awe, his feet were so hot, and he was so light. 

See? if you are trustworthy, nature will visit you. That is so cute!

(no, this isn’t me, I said my finger, shiesh)

They look like flowers all lined up on a branch. 

oooooh purple. I do like purple. 🙂

you have to wonder though, if they know the camera is there, because this one seems to be looking… “be sure to get my good side…”


This is the kind we have, one like this sat on my finger. 

What is interesting, is I read once, and I don’t know how true it was

but Humming birds can’t fly,

some NASA scientist said they were actually incapable of flight.

hmmmmm, but look at them.

See what happens when you put your mind to something? 

You can do anything.


and you thought you were going to get away without any lessons today.


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. We have them here too, and certain plants and flowers can actually get them to visit more, like we have a “bottle brush plant.” I hadn’t heard the scientist say hummingbirds couldn’t fly; I thought that was bumble bees. Lovely pictures, Amber, thanks for sharing them.

  2. I love hummingbirds… we have them here in BC too… they are amazing little creatures, and I love when you can hear them – they sound like a swarm of bees their wings are so loud… the ones out here are very territorial, its kind of funny to watch them chasing each other off…

    • We call that their dance, when a bunch of them do battle. Often it will be quite a few of them, dancing, darting, hovering and dodging as four or five will mix it up.

      I have seen them chase bees away too, of course the bees were walking… *giggles more*

  3. *nods my head* Oh I too love to watch hummingbirds, the only problem with them, they don’t stay long enough to actually get lost in them.. They are a fascinating species to say the least..

  4. Oh yes, we have humming birds in our area.

  5. We have humming birds as well. 🙂

  6. We don’t have humming birds in our area. I took the feeder down yesterday before it froze over night. LOL

  7. 😦 Well fuck we don’t any….We have sea gulls…Want any?

  8. Ohhh we have lots here. High content sugar water … placed in multiple feeders … spaced far apart as they are very territorial and will chase each other and peck at each other ack!

    We have a lot of Anna’s Hummingbirds here…they look like this:

    Now … I will have to say, that whilst I have feeders…they are either far from the house…or in front of windows I do not go near to outside. They are SCAREY when the come too close and buzz by….ack! lol. And like I said, they are territorial and fight with each other if you only have 1 feeder!

    Bzzzzzz Bzzzzz … here I come … strafing run at Katie bbbzzzzzzzz … haha, did you see the look in Katie’s eyes … she thought we were going to peck at her. Hey you, get away from my feeder. Lets fly fast and close to Katie again .. bzzzzzzzzz….

    But they look nice….especially from the inside of the house. They don’t make tap tap tapping sounds like chipmunks at the bird feeder. *smirks*

    • lol, I am laffing. they do zoom by, and when napping in the sun they fly by and pause by your face to see what you are up to.. and then zoom off.

      They rarely share the feeder, The orioles are often there too. They are so bright. aww, but they all hopped on the bus south a week or so ago. *pouts*

      we had a squirrel drinking out of the feeder too. pesky thing makes a mess on the window with drippings. *frowns*

  9. Ohh….we do not have orioles here…I would LOVE to see some. We have bluejays. They are mean like crows! But pretty … even if they dive bomb you.

    And laughs at Megan and Aimee’s comments.

  10. we have orioles, blue jays and cardinals, all are so beautiful. The jays and cardinals stay the winter.

    bol, yes they were very helpful. Jill too.

  11. *Smiles* The Hummingbird was my mom and dads favorite bird. My cousin and I are going to get SMALL tattoos of a hummingbird on our lower leg by ankles IF SHE can drag/drug me to do it lol I am a tattoo virgin. But before mom died my cousin told her we were gonna do that and she replied with “That would special” so now I feel I need to follow through. Is there a spray on Hummingbird Tattoo shop? j/k.. Beautiful post!

    Country Gal


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