Are you a puppet?

I wonder where today’s blog will go. I sort of have a plan, but I have found these blogs often turn corners and run off in different directions. I am planning on hidden meanings, but some may just pop out too. *shrugs* here we go….

I had to search for a while for a puppet that wasn’t creepy looking. lol.

hmm, is that you?

We all are to some point. Puppets. 

The strings are invisible, but there. Ways we behave, act. The things we do. That string tugs us to do things.

How strong are your strings? How hard is the pull?

Who is pulling them and can you break them?

When do you break them??? how do you know if you should?

Sometimes the tug on the string is good, a friend… loved one tugging you to safety. Those are good tugs. 

Sometimes the tug is peer pressure, that tug can be overpowering. 

Then the tugs become so much more. Not just with children either. Such sad faces. you want to scoop them up and run away telling them how great they are…

Tugs make you do things you may not want to, things you know are not right, but the tugs are so strong you do them.

Tugs also come from information. The internet is full of information, blogs, stories, encyclopedic articles, forums….

Information is not always good. Sources sometimes are jaded. Oh they can be convincing, you think there is a diverseness, an equality of input. So when the majority say something works.. a string forms, tugging you in that direction.

Oh, it could be a great direction, it may also not be. How do you know?

hmmm, well you don’t. And the pull can be very tempting too. 

The internet is filled with one of these pulls right now, and the sad result from it. Tricked and bullied.

A teen that was persuaded to try something and the end result.. her taking that dark path and leaving.

despair and frustration are hard to deal with for anyone. Harder for a mind still forming.

And it is easier to tug on those forming minds. To convince them to try this or that.

Through bullying, peer pressure or even information.

forums are great, people can share things with others that experience similar things, conditions, illnesses, hobbies… 

But the information on the forums may be more one sided. Yes I know, you say they have a wide diversification of views. but I don’t believe that completely.  People don’t always share good things, but like to complain. It is human nature. So on forums you may run into more people frustrated than people who worked things out.

This applies to a lot of things, so I am not talking just to you.


Once something is posted on a forum, it may attract more on that topic, so you think the information is growing, see more people say this… but how many disagree but never read that forum? Bet I am confusing now.

So a “forming mind” reads this “blooming” article and a puppet string forms, tugging them to try it. Because… look all these people said it works. Some things they may try become addicting. look.. taking this pill makes your hair really blonde, because everyone wants to be blonde…  (a really bad example, but hopefully you get the intention) 

And they really don’t work, despite what you are reading. 

They may lead you to think they are working, perhaps masking things for a bit, so you go on the forum and tell how it worked for you as well.. and in truth it really hasn’t.

But that bit of information grows even more, forming a web of strings leading more forming minds, people seeking solutions anywhere, to try it as well. 

How many times have you heard.. “but on the internet I read that….”

It is like, but everyone is doing it… or well they do it… 

so when your forming mind is at home peeking around the internet.. peek to see what is forming their mind. When they go OMG Mom/Dad go away… don’t. 

…and when you are poking around the internet, forming your forming mind, consider what you are reading and the sources. Oh yes, they are just like you, you know, you can tell.. can you? Perhaps you should share your thoughts with someone before you try that thing that tempts you. So scissors are on that string pulling you, just in case it is a bad tug.

wonders if anyone sorted the meaning of what I wrote.

and on a side issue

There is a big tug to stop bullying on now. It may be short lived, a passing fad as attention seeking politicians pretend to be interested. I hate bullying. Most have run into it in one form or another, some are more susceptibleto it, and bullies sense that and thrive on it. What they can do to a forming mind is sad. So if you are feeling bullied, don’t let it fester please. Tell someone.  Never let it get to the stage where you only think that dark path is your only path. Never go down that path.





About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. As always, very thought provoking. The strings are often hard to see, and sometimes we don’t realize we are the ones tugging them, both for ourselves and others.

  2. It is interesting ….*stops and thinks* … young minds are so malleable. As adults, I see how easy it is for us to fall into the puppet trap … on either side of it …the puppet or the puppeteer. And we have experience. How much more influential the young mind …

    And while information can be empowering …as you have often cautioned … too much … or the wrong information, can be just as damaging, if not more so. Especially, as you imply at times, how we tend to seek…or see information that we relate to .. or want to relate to.

    It is hard though … to cut the strings. Not just because we don’t know if it needs cutting, but often, we might not know when to cut it … or how to. And often too, we might be scairt to. If we sever from what we have let control our mind … we fear what will be there if we were to try to stand on our own pin-jointed legs … can we stand without something holding us up? Sometimes we incorrectly think that something there is better than nothing there, even if it is a bad wire.

    *wonders on tactics to use to determine if the strings are bad …. and wonders on ways to allow ourselves to cut them*

    It interesting to think on …

    • What I think, is to openly ask someone, a friend or someone you can have open conversations with. A parent is good, but not usually sought. A mentor, older sibling, cousin… a voice of reason.

      Some decisions are made with the wrong information and yes peer pressure or just pressure. some bad decisions, that your mind tells you are the right ones.

      The web is powerful, influential. Not always in a good way. Not all the information is right.

      • Nods … I guess what is important is to be able to find someone you can feel comfortable with, who you feel you can confide in … and trust to tell you the truth …and how is capable in what you are asking of them.

        Which by the way, just made me realize as I was writing this…that means …I too need to be able to give this kind of open conversations with…without judging…without scolding….and try to do so an appropriate way. *nods and thinks some more* … me too…all of us…we play both roles. Hmm…lots to think about…

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