its alive…..

eeeps a busy day today. No time for a big blog. The cooler weather is here though, so I can bring strange things to life on the kitchen counter again….

Lol, yup a starter to make sour dough bread with. Italian loaves too,  rustic ones. The yeast grows in the flour and water mixture, fermenting a bit which gives you the sourish taste in the bread. 

There is a byproduct from this, a liquid forms, it has some alcohol in it, this is where the name hooch came from. Aimee assures me that it will not be very tasty though. I trust her on that. We will let Jill try it *nods wisely*

Can you smell it? lol, well it isn’t ready, it takes about a week for the starter to fully grow. I have to add some flour each day for the yeast to feed on. 

I will describe the process more later, it was just one of those whirlwind days and I am resting now.


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Oh but it was a great day, Professor ber. HUGSSSSSSS

  2. I LOVE making bread (I do not do it enough) … the gasses make great holes in the bread too …and mmmmm sourdough. Oh…sometimes kalamata olives are sooo good in them as you bake them.

    Oh god…I want to eat bread now. I like dense chewy breads….or maybe..I like all kinds of bread…mmmmmmmmmmm

    • ooooh a while ago I made a loaf that had kalamata olives and feta in it. omg. It was soooooo good. When you toasted it, the smell… oh, the smell, it spread and tormented and drew everyone into the kitchen.

      people from three blocks away.. grumbles

      • You are NOT helping. I don’t have bread here…I don’t have the baking ingredients to make the kind of bread I want to eat right now…(maybe i do actually… sad is that!) ….but I definitely do not have time to knead, let it rise, and then bake…I would be eating my bread at my 11pm at the earliest.

        Oh god I want bread….if I could have a chew of bread right now I would even give up chocolate for a we… way…feck…what was I about to say!!! Ack!

    • wow, you bake bread fast, it will be 11 in hmm 40 minutes. lol.


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