Battles – or is it just fun…

A battle, tactical, emotional, sacrificial. Titans facing each other, contemplating…   Strategic miseries messing with your best efforts…. 

Minds facing each other, seriously delving into each others deepest thoughts, foreseeing and exploring…  a face off… only one can prevail.. or can it?


The battle of minds

who will prevail?

Just a game….  many would argue this.. a game… so much more than a game… 

People live just to play chess.

The gleaming pieces set up with care, ready to battle.

Who will triumph?

A ticking clock heard while minds contemplate the next move… each beat of the clock sounding clearly.. echoing off the walls quietly, but with determination. 

The game played in parks, serious faces studying the board carefully.

Finely crafted pieces, detailed, crisp. Like the game. Serious.

A game that has lasted unchanged over time. 

The board itself expresses its seriousness, the time it has existed.. 

until now………..

dum dum daaaaah

What happens when 4 girls in a dorm decide to play….

wait, this is a game for two…..

is it?

Tackle Chess

oh oh


slight rule changes

Rule Changes?

tiny ones……

What could you change?

well teams for a start.. points up.. did you not notice?

So what could teams do, how would they work?

hmmm, it is complicated, rules are a bit loose….


*nods* loose.

What happens when you notice you made a move that was not best…. 

omg, just take it back, silly.  If the other person hasn’t moved, change it….

unless someone stops you…. uhmmmm tackles you.

hmmmm, sounds rough… 

oh yes, very rough, lol.

wait, there are teams.. if someone tackles.. do they get help?

Of course, what are teams for?

hmm, but then the board isn’t watched..


well sometimes during a tackle pieces may slip off the board, or helpful people could put some back on, you know, just to be considerate. 

That could happen during play as well, you notice a castle or bishop sort of lying on its side, looking lonely.. someone may feel bad and put it back on the board. Smiling happily at the rescue… 

of course that often leads to another tackle

a free for all could arise

The seriousness of the game becomes awash with giggles.

Fancy moves.


Superb tackles.

uhmm, other things.

shhhhh, no I am not going to explain the other things.


oh, Jello shots and tackle chess go well together, I am just saying…

now, the board is being set up.. so shhhhh, 

It is about to start… no talking.. silent whispers to exchange strategies between team mates..

Omg I am going to so win tonight….

but hastily points out, in tackle chess… there are no losers… 😉

What is my point then?

Don’t take life to seriously, you only get one go around, make it a good one.

Change the rules

oh the board is set up.. *waves*


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. “Superb tackles.
    uhmm, other things.
    shhhhh, no I am not going to explain the other things.”

    I want an explanation of the other things. I demand an explanation. LOL

    Lord, I can only imagine what is going on with the 4 of you! *giggles and laughs and hopes you all are not too bruised!*


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