Choosing our pumpkin design.

It is getting closer, that time of year.. 

The time we need to become creative and decide how we will carve our pumpkin this year. So we googled and binged it, to see what ideas we could get. Wow there are sure some creative pumpkin carvers out there. 

I mean, how long does it take to do something like that? And where do you find a pumpkin with another pumpkin inside? they must be very rare?

So we need to decide, funny, cute, scary.. creepy..  I like funny, or cute.

hmmm, well it is different, but not quite cute. Very nice teeth though. *nods lots*

Then there are other possibilities. 

Eeeeeps, this would scare away all the kids, it is really creepy. omg. I would be scared if I saw that, that is a really ugly shoe…. Megan thought this would be funny….  I don’t want to scare the kids away though, a leg eating pumpkin, that doesn’t seem very cheerful. 

But then she pointed out that the kids come and ring the bell.. knock on the door, and take all the candy…

Yes, I know, we were here last year.. shiesh, it wasn’t that long ago… hmmmm. like about a year I think. That is what happens on Halloween, it is why we bought all that candy you hid… hmm you hid it very well too. 

Then she goes, hmmmm, but if we have less kids coming, we will have candy left over.

oh wait.

candy left over….



ok, so how about this for a pumpkin then?

Maybe we could get some fire to shoot out or something. Or perhaps some fluids leaking out….

you know, for effect. Something gruesome. 

Have you seen Aimee roll her eyes? She is very good at it. 

But there would be candy left over… 

oh all right.. how about this?

I like that one.. and some flames could shoot out the tiny pumpkin…… oh wait.. apparently not… no flames. or fluids…

There isn’t going to be any candy left over I think.


maybe some sound effects….  blood curdling screams…  shhhhhh

And there are more here, Woo Hoo   More Pumpkins here 


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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. I’m lucky if I can cut a triangle for a nose without slicing a finger. So many talented people out there.

  2. I have seen some amazing pumpkin carving artistry. I avoid even trying anything that artistic. Especially involving sharp knives. Lol

  3. The second one is my favorite, and the one I think ya’ll need to do.. *nods my head lots* So I can be the meanie and free the poor pumpkin, and look angelic like I truly am.. *nods*

  4. We will carve one here … and take the bazillion hours to save the seeds and roast them. I tried to also use the pumpkin one year for recipes…but it didn’t work. Buying a can of Libby’s is easier…and tastier (at least tastier than mine).

    Maybe I can buy a can of Libby’s Pumpkin and draw a face on it nod nods.

    And … listen to Aimee .. no shooting flames.

    As for leaking fluids …err…put the old faucet on it haha. Or…Hide birdseed in it and when kidlets come up the squirrel will pop out at them!

    Normally, I would also say that scaring kids are bad … but it’s Halloween, so its ok. And besides, Megan has a point about the candy nod nods.

    Now you just need Jill’s vote!

  5. Sweet Pumkin’s for Halloween! Great ideas!


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