trick or TREAT

What is the best trick or treat handout?

When the bag of goodies is unpacked, which one is snatched first?

there are many choices, a big selection. So what are you handing out?

oh, I love caramel apples, the trouble is they are messy and sticky, not so great for teeth, and then there is the worry about what may be in them…

That is the sad thing with Halloween, the creeps that do things to the candy.

But I remember, was so long ago, lol. One very nice lady on our street gave them out, she made them of course, and they wouldn’t last long, but I so looked forward to them. We always went to her house first in the hopes she had some left, because everyone else did too. Those home made caramel apples.. the were so great!

She was great, she always kept one put aside for me. I remember how big my smile was each time I took it. And how my Dad had to carry it around with so much care as I filled up my bag.

So, what is the best then.

  • apples
  • chips
  • chocolate bars
  • Licorice
  • gumdrops
  • sour candies
  • pop
  • sour candy

oh, it is a long list.

Regular apples, omg no. Pop, it is too heavy, come on.. They are tiny people.

chips, well they are ok, but get boring, not usually the first thing opened.

Sour candies… grins they are good.

oh, rockets..  they were great too






Licorice.. lots of that, but sometimes it is very hard, you need to squeeze it before you buy it. Like bread. 

on the bag, it says, makes mouths happy… woo hoo, that is true.

oh they are fun too, if shared…  just leaves that hanging……


I think I need a trip to the bulk store again.. for flour.. nods.. flour that is it.





About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Oh wow, to decide on one? Is like asking a shoe fanatic to pick one pair of shoes.. *LOL* I favorite when I was a kid, and no not really Halloween night, but in the season of Halloween, was candy corn. I still tend to bu a bag just for myself.

  2. I used to like candy corns, but they are one of those things that sadly didn’t translate well to adulthood for me. I love chocolate of almost any variety so I will go with that.

  3. licorice.. just in case you somehow missed that… and peanut butter cups. omg. I sort of like them too. 🙂 But there are the traditional candies that remind you of the season, those peanut ones that are chewy, not the first pick but taste so good, the rockets..

    we don’t have much of the candy corn here for some reason.

  4. Sharing licorice, that could be an interesting story.

  5. peanut butter cups or licorice… I can see the turmoil. 🙂

  6. Votes for chocolate candy bars – all kids love them!

  7. Favorite?

    I take it you means besides chocolate right? I mean seriously people. How can you NOT choose chocolate?!?!?!?

    *wonders if I am showing some intolerance?*

    I don’t feckin care! CHOOOOOCOLATEEEEEEEEE

    Wait….if no one else chooses choco…I get them ALLLLLLL.

    Jen…change your answer. chelle …. change your answer…

    I now BAN anyone else from choosing something chocolate…they are mine mine mine mine mine hahahahaha….gimmme choooccolate!!!!!



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