rainy sunday

Well Halloween is over. Time to take down all the decorations and make soup with the pumpkins.

What? We went to our party last night…. so it is over now isn’t it? wait.. is there another party?

oh… The little zombies still have to go around and steal borrow? my peanut butter cups and licorice… those monsters. no wonder they wear masks….


hmmm, but this year they may have some troubles. Sandy is going to visit us then I think. Who names something destructive Sandy?  So we are expecting winds of close to 100 kph, and lots of rain. yippie, because we are having rain anyway, so more will be great. In fact we are having rain all week, seems most of last week too. It is hard to rake up leaves when it is raining, not too much fun either. They just sort of clump and tangle in the rake as the water drips off your nose.  No it is true, Megan showed me. (well I wasn’t going to go out, it’s raining) shiesh.

I feel sorry for the kids this year, I have been looking forward to seeing their happy faces when they rob us… uhm well they do… But this year they may not be going out. How come Halloween doesn’t have a rain date?

I am thinking it would be a good idea to break into our bags of treats, you know, just to test them, but someone has told me we should wait, just in case they brave the storms and come anyway. But they are calling me.. They are very convincing … evil peanut butter cups. What if it is a bad batch.. someone should test them to be sure they are ok.

So, what to do on a rainy day. Well cook, we did that, lots of pots were simmering and things were roasting in the oven, we even have the crock going. It does smell nice in here. I have filled the bird feeder twice today, those birds with no wings and big bushy black tails sure eat a lot. Aimee went grrr once, but it was a bit quiet… psssst we went to a party last night. lol. Jill thought it was loud enough though, she went shhhhhh. 

I think it is good I don’t play the drums… 





About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. I really like this post amber, except for me thing:

    Peanut butter cups are NEVER evil…

    • I know.. lol.. they are the bestest. 🙂 the crinkly package protecting the crisp edges of chocolate.. all bumpy and in a nice shape.. the smell of the peanut butter pouncing all over your nose as you admire the shiny chocolate.. then that fist bite.. your teeth sink into the center.. salty sweet.. it assaults your tongue, the chocolate melting quickly, flavours mingling… eyes glaze over, you quickly want another bite… omg I am possessed.

      grumbles, debates sneaking one.

  2. Don’t sneak, proudly grab one and eat it, you’re the one in charge… Lol

  3. Sends out a secret message to all of the trick or treaters that live near Amber: “licorice…licorice…licorice….licorice…licorice…licorice…licorice”

    *Runs* as knows that Amber will be none too happy if the lil ones take all of her licorice – even the bags she keeps hidden!

  4. Well damn… wonders how I can help amber out… Oh wait I know… *STEALS all the candy* so no one can borrow any… *goes back about my business*

    Be careful with Sandy too…

  5. noooooo, lets try the rockets.

  6. Feckin wingless furry, bushy-tailed birds …*grins*

    Anyway … glad you all have fun last night…and are safe today!

    But….wants you to be careful for the storm…listen to the weather people and authorities ok. Wants you to be safe. Wants Aimee safe. Wants Jill and Megan safe.

    You be careful ok.

  7. Funny post Amber – can see you testing the peanut butter cups….pfft why the hell not I say.
    I concur with Katie – we have heard about Sandy over here and can’t imagine what it would be like. Please you and you friends and family take care. 🙂


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