Sandy was a noisy visitor

The wind howled, trees are down along with power lines, but we are okay. I think our power is back on now, though it may go off again they say. I feel so sorry for all the people on the east coast and here too, that have lost homes and lives. We will have high winds and rain for the rest of the week…

but at least we have a home to return to. So many don’t, and I think some more will be lost as flooding and fires continue. 

It is easy to feel sorry for yourself sometimes, to drag arms and sigh. But you are in your home and can do things, even tiny things that make you smile a bit, or should try to. 

Today there are a lot of people, millions, that can’t do that. Their lives are turned upside down. We all need to look at what we have, not what we want, need or wish for. Because so many now are looking at what they lost, what they will never have again.

We did that this morning. The winds were very noisy, the house shook last night, there were lots of bangs. it was a bit scary, but not as bad as we thought it could be. Not for us. We had a group hug, exchanged smiles and love. I wish everyone could do that today. I hope those that have had homes damaged and destroyed still have some love and can face the challenges they are about to have, strongly. 

Think about them all today and look at what you have, maybe it is cloudy and raining, but is it really?


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. …on the other side of the clouds its bright and sunny… just saying…

    Glad you are all safe and made it through the worst of Sandy!!! And yes prayers of strength and hope for those who have not faired as well as you and for those she is yet to hit….


    • we all just need to jump really really high. 😉

      I think Sandy has lost its power now and is just a lot of rain. Hopefully anyway. It shouldn’t bother anyone else, hmmm, is Sandy male or female, don’t they usually say? *goes to check*

      But so many are struggling now, so yes our thoughts are with them.


  2. Nicely put. Glad you and yours are well, and I hope others are well also.

  3. Nods….you are so right Amber.

    *looks around* …there is lots t be thankful for. Lots.

    *looks to the friends that are safe* …LOTS to be thankful for.

  4. Waves from the soggy south. Am glad that Sandy is finally winding down, but feel so terribly for all of those affected by this devastating storm. Btw, I believe they alternate female and male names with regard to naming tropical storms. In this case, I am pretty sure that Sandy was meant as a female vs. male name.

    *Hugs everyone*

  5. Yes here I sit with a 34 deg C day just over and the clouds are forming with the news of showers… I think myself fortunate and others not so for having to endure what they have with Sandy.
    Nicely written Amber.
    Glad that you and friends are all safe. 🙂


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