It is Halloween!

We are excited. lol. It is fun when they steal  borrow? our candy…  We do have fun with them, and we are dressing up for tonight. But it is cold and raining, darn that makes costumes not so much fun, and not so much fun for the little thieves, uhm monsters going from door to door.

So we will rush home to get ready anyway, I am sure we will still have a few hundred of the visitors. I think some may be return visitors… need sensors in their bags so we can tell. lol. 

oh we will be Vampires, complete with fangs and scary hair, when four Vampires open the door in a coven… think that is it.. perhaps it will make them all run across the lawn screaming and forget to steal, uhm borrow, our candies.

We decided on our pumpkin, it has two faces, one scary and one happy and no flames shoot out the eyes or anything. I am sure we could have done that with a bit more effort… oh well. 

It doesn’t look at all like that, but isn’t that amazing?

Have a great Halloween everyone!


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Have a great time with your little ones!!!

  2. I think you will make a scary vampire coven… the pumpkin is amazing… I have been looking at pumpkins for ideas, and have found many that are astounding… I will attempt something a tad easier I think… if it turns out I may post it?

    A few hundred visitors… that is a lot! we had maybe 5 of them last year… I have noticed less and less kids every year, out here it seems they go to the shopping malls and rec centres and such nowadays… oh well more goodies for me I suppose 😉 (I need it like I need another hole in my head – sigh) I will save it for Nano snax!!!

    • ours doesn’t look anything like that one, lol. but if it did we wouldn’t put it out where someone would bash it.

      It is astounding at the skill some have for carving. I know.. hundreds…. all taking my candy.. eeeps. if I ask though, they open their bags and offer me anything I want. I hope it is dry for them.

      nano snax. you need those chocolate coated coffee beans.

  3. 4 Vamps! errr…Vampires! wooo hooo….

    *wonders if you all go around telling each other to “bite me”?* heh…

    Anyway … hopes you all have fun tonight…even if it is a bit wet out. We used to take our daughter to the mall…that is how things are I guess now….safer at the malls….*shrugs* ….but she is not even doing that this year! Who will I now “borrrow” candy from?!?!?!? *eyes your bucket*….

    At any rate…HAPPY HALLOWEEN Amber!!!

  4. Happy Halloween to you amber and the rest of your crew.. *hugs* Have fun and remember you need to mail me my candy.. *nods lots*

  5. That is truly one very scary pumpkin!
    Happy Halloween to everyone (probably past by now)
    I hide I’m afraid…the celebration/tradition is starting to catch on over here, but I’m the wicked witch from the west and pretend I’m not home.
    Can’t really say why I just do/have.
    But I wish all of you to enjoy it …for traditions and celebrations of any kind are to be enjoyed aren’t they?



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