Leg of lamb and creamy curry carrot soup.

Can you smell it? omg we can. mmmmm, it smells good. I have bread rising, it is not smelling yet though. I have a carrot soup simmering as well. It is very different. What is starting to smell though… is 

The leg of lamb that is roasting in the oven.

It hasn’t been in too long yet, but I have been working on it since yesterday. I took the lamb and cut strips in it, going both ways so it looked like a lot of boxes were on it. I made a marinade of olive oil, lemon zest, rosemary, thyme, garlic and a bit of dijon mustard. I pureed it and put the lamb in a large bag, poured in the marinade and worked it until the meat was covered. Tied the bag and put it in the fridge, when ever one of us peeked in the kitchen we massaged it a bit.

So today

While the oven preheated to 425 I washed off the marinade, dried the lamb and put it on a rack over a roasting pan. This way the heat will get all around it.

Oh but I wasn’t done yet. I put some olive oil, maybe a 1/3 of a cup in a small jar with four garlic buds, a tablespoon or so of rosemary, half that of thyme, the same of oregano, Montreal steak spice, fresh ground pepper and used my stick blender to make a puree.  I brushed that on the lamb, covering all sides.

In the roasting pan was a half cup of water and some potatoes I am going to roast. I pre cooked them a bit in the microwave as the lamb will probably cook faster. I covered them with olive oil and into the microwave for five minutes, then into the roasting pan. The juice from the lamb and the olive oil mixture will drip on the potatoes and season them.

It is cooking now. I will leave it at 425 for 30 minutes then turn it to 350 until I feel it is cooked. I will use a temperature probe. I will try to take it out at 140 and wrap it in tinfoil, it will finish cooking in the foil on the counter. OH, make sure you have mint sauce, with lamb that is great.

Now, the soup.. that is an experiment… but I just tasted it… OMG.. there is a problem though, seems there are others that feel we should taste it more… and more.. and more…. darn room mates. 

This is a true vegan soup. Tis carrot. But WOW.

so, you can change it up, I did, I always do.

It is really easy.

Peel 4 carrots, 5 if they are small, chop them up small.

you need 1.5 cups of veggie soup broth. I use the powder one as I flavour a lot of food and soup with it.

.5 cups of white wine

1.5 teaspoons of curry

1 tablespoon of fresh grated ginger. ( I keep it in the freezer and grate it when I need it, that works great)

a handful of fresh parsley.

One large onion chopped or two small ones.

Put that all in a pot and simmer it for a half an hour. I added 1/4 cup of wine when mine started to go a bit dry. When tender use a blender to puree it all very fine. No chunks please.

Now add one tin of coconut milk and stir until mixed salt to taste, heat and serve. oh, it is fantastic!

Now to go peek at the lamb again. 


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Life is Short. Eat Hard!

    Looks amazing! Nothing like roast lamb!

  2. I LOVE leg of lamb… what time should I be there?

  3. YES! I can smell and taste it too!

  4. Reblogged this on Welcome to Hakes' Virtual Cafe and commented:

  5. Heh …. will leave the lamb for you and the roomies and Jen. *smiles*

    BUT… *takes a spoon and does a taste test with everyone else.* ….mmmmmm

    Ok, I cannot make carrot soup tonight. I have to go to the market. I have everything except for the curry and coconut milk. (Milk not juice right? The whitish coloured on and not the clear right? I used the wrong thing once and it came out blech.)

    Also … the curry … that is in powder form?

    God I wan soup now. Carrot soup. And bread too….what kind of bread? Ohh….with chunks of garlic in it … and rosemary. I might make bread tonight…

    • lol, yup the white one. coconut milk. and powder curry, fresh ginger though, or frozen like we do. It was really really good.

      bread? a french whole wheat with some bran in it.. and wheat germ… and honey… and nutmeg… and olive oil.. which makes it not exactly a french.

  6. *Grumbles* All of these wonderful posts about food are making me hungry all the time! I so want to try the soup Amber – it sounds as amazing as the lamb!


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