A Just reward for an IDIOT? noooooo not even close

I have been waiting for today. I held off my blog so I could hopefully get video or images.

woo hoo. lol, I did.

I don’t think she has her heart in it, more rules should have been made, no glasses or hat, walk back and forth, talk to everyone. come on.. no slouching! You are letting down idiots everywhere.

omg, do I sound mean?

Sorry, but when you drive on a sidewalk to pass a bus, going by the entrance to a DAY CARE… WHERE LITTLE CHILDREN GO IN AN OUT… YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!! What… you thought you were special?

A woman caught on camera driving on a sidewalk to avoid a Cleveland school bus that was unloading children is beginning her court-ordered punishment starting today: Standing at an intersection and holding a sign warning people about idiots.

“Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus,” reads the sign held by Shena Hardin, 32.

The Cleveland Municipal Court judge last week ordered Hardin to serve the highly public sentence for one hour Tuesday and Wednesday. Hardin’s licence was suspended for 30 days and she was ordered to pay $250 US in court costs.

She arrived on her first day, bundled up against the 1 C cold, puffing a cigarette, wearing headphones and avoiding comment as passing vehicles honked.

Lisa Kelley, whose nine-year-old daughter boards the bus which Hardin had been passing on the sidewalk, said the sentence fit the crime.

“She did this almost every day last year,” Kelley said. “She won’t stop laughing. She’s not remorseful, she laughed at every court appearance. She’s still laughing, so she needs to be humiliated like this.”

Kelley said she was only sorry the woman was standing in the cold and not rain or snow.

Bill Lipold, 37, who works nearby in the blue-collar neighbourhood of older homes and factories, hopes the punishment works.

“How else are you going to stop her from doing it again? She really didn’t show remorse for her action after being caught, so you’ve got to try something,” he said.

With two schools located with two blocks of the location and busy commuter traffic, the area can be risky for youngsters walking to class, Lipold said.

Satellite TV trucks are on hand to stream the event live near downtown Cleveland.


Maybe I will find a video and can add that later. 


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  1. *LOL* Damn.. I have to agree with you, more rules should have been set. I mean she should have been ordered to face the traffic and hold up the sign.. WTF? She looks like she is just lounging…

    However, I do feel sorry for her daughter, cause you know she has to be getting ridiculed for her mother’s stupidity.

    • that is true, I feel sorry for her daughter now. But not like if she had to say my mom ran over kids at the day care on the sidewalk though.

      It was only for an hour today and an hour tomorrow too I think.

      Her behaviour was really scary.

  2. I seen this on the news today too.. unreal!

  3. I can’t believe the absolute stupidity of some people… this has just confirmed it!


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