Road Rage

After yesterdays post this seems a good follow up. Perhaps it should be sidewalk rage? or Jump out of the way here she comes again?

What causes road rage. Studies indicate most of us have suffered from it at some point. Certainly have seen it.

So there are causes / triggers that start it, that boiling of the blood, the eyes growing into slits, fingers tightening on the wheel.. body tensing up rapid eye movements from side to side, checking mirrors… planning your attack.


What really causes it though, most often, is that feeling of entitlement. Everyone else should just get out of the way.

Too simple? lets check. What stress out a driver.

Bad parking habits?

We can go through a list of things that annoy other drivers, I am sure there are a lot. I don’t have a car. Gasps… oh I drive, I just don’t need one right now. I can run to places I want to go faster than most can drive there…I can usually find parking places when I get there too. :p

Well of course there are exceptions. Not to the parking issue silly, but to the driving to places. That is what room mates are good for. 🙂  well other things too.

So what gets people excited?

Tailgating.  I don’t like this one at all. Why is it done? you don’t get there any sooner, especially if you do it to me as I slow down.. I mean I really slow down. I will start to crawl if you don’t stop following me too close.

Cutting someone off. This is a big one apparently. People pulling out in front of you or passing and pulling in front with little space. I leave a lot of space between cars when I drive, see I don’t tailgate because I don’t like it. It is annoying when someone fills that space. So you need to follow them to where they are going, and rip the mirror off the side of their car and leave it on the hood, well they don’t use it… oh wait.. that wasn’t a suggestion.

Headlights This one is twofold. Some people just don’t dim their headlights when another car approaches or when following. I know you are distracted because you are on the phone and all the other drivers should just pull off the road for you…  Then there are some people that just have annoying headlights, they are just too bright. You obviously think that is ok as you can see.. well it isn’t.  Oh and then some like to add headlights, they have extra’s. And they are all aimed poorly. Again they don’t care.. well guess what? When you blind me with your stupid selfish lights, I drift over into your lane, you have all that extra light, so you go drive in the shoulder or fields. 😛  oh, this again, isn’t a tip, it just happens, when people are blinded at night with annoying bright headlights they drift toward the lights. Think about that when you are off the road or have a head on collision. good thing you are entitled to blind everyone…..

Slow Movers People that like to drive at walking speed.. see the person jogging by? lol, it is probably me. This really causes road rage, people get frustrated and end up passing in a dangerous way and cutting off the slow mover. Then the slow mover meets up with the aggressive driver at the next set of traffic lights…. hmmm.

Politeness This goes both ways. At an intersection or four way stop, people will often wave the other to go first.. well they shouldn’t. If it is your turn to go.. then go. Because the person behind you is getting annoyed.  You also confuse the other driver, did you actually wave them to go through…. or are you talking with your hands to someone in the car… if it is your turn to go… go! 

Not your turn on the topic of four way stop signs, or intersections.. you know when it is your turn to go. So don’t go when it is not. If another car gets there first, it is their turn. If you are in a hurry you should have left sooner. There is no if, but or what ever about that rule. If they are turning left in front of you, but got there first, it is still their turn. look it up. Ok, so often two cars arrive at the same time. There is a rule about that too, the one on the right goes first. Not so tough to figure out, so use your head. Oh and this counts from when you actually STOP… not you just keep rolling right through, when your car stops moving.


Have a care though, you never know who you are about to cut off… 


Some take a dim view of bad drivers…

It is easy to justify your road rage. Many drivers are not considerate. Taking it out on someone though is just a recipe for disaster. You don’t feel any better for having done it, your morning/afternoon/evening is wrecked as you keep thinking about it. Best to just let them go on their merry little way to annoy someone else. Now if they are weaving, phone 911 and save a life, even if it is the idiots that is weaving.

This sort of sums it up…

So what makes your blood boil behind the wheel?


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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. O.K., you asked! My three biggest pet peeves are: i.) Those that follow too closely behind me – I detest that!; ii.) Those that weave at a zillion miles an hour from lane to lane on the interstate creating havoc and a potentially deadly situation for every motorist they are near; and iii.) Those that talk or text on their cell phones oblivious to anyone and anything in their immediate surroundings!

    *Beep beep!*

  2. People that keep adjusting the radio while you are driving… lol

    hmm, tailgating. Cutting in front of you and then turning off, when there is a lot of room behind. Headlights that are too bright.

  3. Candy wrappers? lol.

    Cell phone talkers. They are so distracted. Coffee drinkers too.

    • OMG….no….coffee drinkers are good people. Almost as good as chocolate eating people. And if they leave the wrappers….then later we can go and find them and lick off the extra chocolate that is left on them.

      (Yeah … you can go “ewwwww” at me now lol. mmmmm chocolatteeeeee)

    • Coffee drinkers cut you off to get to the coffee shop, then pull out in front of you because they are late. Then they sit a the traffic light when it is green, sipping on their coffee. LOL.

      The candy wrappers seem to be mainly licorice wrappers, all very neatly folded and sorted by size.

    • I think they are thinking about squirrels and bird food when they are sitting being rude and making you wait.

      But not all of them are rude. Some are nice … they might think, oh … licorice wrappers … not as good as chocolate bar wrappers, but that is okay because now I won’t lick them and have people think I am kinda gross and then.

      *honk honk*

      Oh … I had better go… the light is green! Ack!


  4. I do not think I have road rage. I wonder if everyone says (thinks) that? Sometimes I speed …. ack!

    Pet peeves:

    1) People talking /texting. I mean, it doesn’t annoy me because they are driving slow … but because they might hurt someone.

    2) Overly aggressive drivers.

    3) When you are at a stop light … and the person in the other car stares at you or honks his horn at you (though this has not happened to me in a while.)

  5. *points to chelle’s answer* She wrapped it up for me.. thanks chelle, I can be lazy now. *laughing*

  6. We have so much over here in Australia and it seems to be getting worse. NO ONE will let you in if you want to come in off a side street to a main road. We do have some polite drivers who hold their hand up in a thank you gesture which calms the neurotics on the road. My main peeves are those texting. Those applying their make up. Those reading the paper. Those fossicking in their hand bag. Those doing 40kms in an 80 km zone. Those that cut you off and zig zag to get in front saving them a whole 2 minutes and those that wear hats whilst driving…oh and driving a Volvo 🙂

    • interesting about the Volvo drivers, lol. there is a lot about that.

      It is funny, those that cut you off, drive so fast… at each set of traffic lights, you pull up beside them, or quite often a spot or two ahead of them if they are in the other lanes…. lol.

  7. We have a law here, it is illegal to talk on cell phone or text, etc.. Distracted Driving Law – however, it seems no one listens lol If caught you get $172.00 ticket. I use my Bluetooth if I get a call while driving.
    There was just an accident the other day where someone was merging onto the highway and decided he wanted to overtake a gravel truck and ended up crashing into an innocent victim in the other lanes 😦 The driver of the speeding truck died on the scene and the other vehicles person and passenger were airlifted to the City Hospital. It is sad that ppl have to die or get hurt in such needless
    ways 😦

    • There are distraction laws here as well, You can’t even adjust your radio or gps unit while driving. Of course that applies to phones, but not a day goes by where you don’t see someone with one pressed to their ear. Even walking now there are rules against texting. psssst, Farmer will have to sit down first. *W*


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