We usually cook a few items when the oven comes on. It is just as easy to cook three or four meals as one, the clean up is the same and some ingredients are common with them all, so prep saves time too. I have had a few emails today asking what we are having for dinner tonight. So.. well you asked for it.

so.. what is cooking…

For some reason I craved cranberries.. not sure why, but they are in the oven, I saw a recipe somewhere. 😉  here I think

Oh so turkey or chicken… nope

We picked up a loin of pork, boneless and trimmed, very lean. That goes well with cranberries.

It was two small loins when I opened it, so two long strips of tender pork, but lean.

soooo, I heated some olive oil and put in four or five cloves of garlic so the oil would take on the flavour.

I put the garlic between the loins and tied them together, then coated the meat with the olive oil, sprinkled rosemary over it and some thyme and seasoning salt.. and pepper. 

Wait… not done yet

Then I wrapped it in bacon. and put it on a rack over some potatoes so they can roast. 

Step one and two, oh and three, the cranberries are cooking.

Squash, well the oven is on. cut in half, some allspice, nutmeg, pepper and a pat of butter in each side, in a dish and beside the pork.

wait.. not finished.

I took a red pepper and cut the top off.

I too two small onions and some leak, chopped and then cooked them in some olive oil just long enough to make tender. Then added two cloves of chopped garlic to it, seasoned with basil and thyme, salt and pepper, stuffed into the red bell pepper.

Wait… not finished,

I put a few thick wedges of Parmesan  cheese on top. and drizzled more olive oil over it. No idea what it will turn out like, I haven’t done that before.

Aimee has a casserole in the oven as well. Smells like lasagna. 🙂

mmmmm, it does smell wonderful in here. 🙂




About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Oh sounds delicious, and well since your house is already all heated up… I will simply invite myself over…. *nods my head* Oh I know you would have invited me, but you know when you have such good friends, one has the ability to invite themselves.. *nods*

  2. OMG…how much are you all eating!!! Pork loin AND cassarole AND sides? Jaysus.

    Uhmmm … what’s for dessert?

    *wonders if I can catch a ride there with Chey or Jen? Though I don’t need a ride back as I will crash on the sofa. DIBS on the comfy sofa!!!*

  3. Ya’ **nods** you can tell a good woman by the way she cooks 😉


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