Time to decorate

It is less than a month away…. 

Festivities abound.. wait… don’t they?

Well they should. *stomps my feet* it is time to put up some Christmas cheer. We have.

Not the tree yet, that goes up this weekend. oh, we need some eggnog, you need eggnog when you trim the tree. *makes note to self…. dear self… get Jill to make some eggnog*

There. Delegation. *grins*, now on to business 

Decorations, woo hoo, they are cute and pretty. You can stick them on your wall..

To cheer everyone up, get them into the spirit.

Flower displays are nice

They last quite a while

and cute ones too


omg, we have one just like that 🙂

phrases to remind too are nice. unless you name is Joy? hmm, wonders if Joy is just writing on walls… 

Centerpieces to make tables festive

and functional ones on coffee tables are nice too

mmmm, don’t forget to keep them full. 

you can even put jars in corners, on shelves or mantels, where all can reach

points out though, the one on the end is mine… *nods lots*

and the funny ones that make you giggle

the pretty ones that hang from your tree

ooooo, I like that one 🙂

Ornaments that mean something, or are a tradition, from someone special, they are the best ones.

Gifts too, under a tree or in the right spot, they can make nice decorations.

just grins

Oh and a wreath on your door…

So start decorating, decorate everything, woo hoo it is that time of year.


grins again.

now.. the only hard part about the tree trimming…



oh.. don’t forget these though……


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

13 responses »

  1. I always have to have at least one poinsettia in my house.. but damn, that candy grabbed my attention more than anything..

    Oh and no worries, I will be waiting for my pressies from you to arrive.. *LOL*

    • I love the poinsettia, and there are a few colours and then they mix them… If you get lots of them you can make a little forest. lol. but it looks so nice.

      hey that candy is mine. *looks stern* *giggles*

  2. We take forever to put ours up. Maybe this weekend… maybe next. Hopefully by the 25th only to take em down at new years… sighs…

  3. I so want the puppies – they are so cute!

  4. This is such a cute post – lovely images. I came here from ramblingsfromamum, and she’s right. This is a beautiful blog!!

  5. OMG….so many things have your name on them. Where are Jill’s gifts? What about Megan? And Aimee too. You must be hiding theirs nod nods. *grins*

    *wonders if the candy jar had my name…looks at it again and notices it is not choco …. so that is okay.*

    No tree here … but we have lights!

  6. Uhmmm…compares..

    Santa has 5 letters
    Katie has 5 letters

    Santa likes cookies
    Katie likes cookies

    Santa has little ones to help him out
    Katie has….feck…wait…my situation is backwards….I am the helper…scratch this one.

    Santa has white hair
    Katie has….*grumbles and mumbles something*

    Santa is from the North
    Katie is from…oh…no the north….

    This is soooo not going well as far as comparisons go….

    *looks and see’s I said ‘feck’…and grumbled a little…so goes to hunt down that feckin naughty list….I have to destroy it.*

  7. hey, how come I have to make the eggnog?

    I see you took at the gifts again too. 🙂

    The puppy is very cute ber. We need puppy fixes.

  8. The puppies the puppies – it’s all about…well the PUPPIES!!! How adorable are they and sent JOY off to the naughty corner. 🙂


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