The draining power of depression

It’s hold is strong yet unseen

shapeless darkness, that can only be felt

so convincing, but in all the wrong ways

tenacious and dark, yet so powerful

draining, demotivating, saddening

Its goal is to mold, but to remove definition

to make you fade, to a mere shadow too


It is powerful

it is crippling


it bleeds your will…

it tells you not to

not to try

not to eat

not to sleep

not to do

not to be


You have to fight. yes you know that, you do, because you are still here. So you are fighting. But are you? Your hold, is it Weakening?

Depression talks to you, to strengthen its hold. It convinces you not to do things. Not to try to get better.

You want to be better, happy again, like you once were. You want a pill or an idea, something that works.

The hold though, lies to you, it tells you what will not work or not… it tells you that nothing will work.. not to try.


But how do you convince yourself there is hope in that grey mire?

So here is the really tough part. The part Most won’t do. To try.

You have heard the term.. He is battling depression… She is battling depression.

I am battling depression.

hmmmm, are you? Are you battling?

oh wait, before the excuses, reasons.. pleas start.. I know. I know it is very hard, I respect all your reasons. I understand them.


A leading word isn’t it?


The dots make it better too.. leading sort of.

So, there are many reasons for depression. Physical, chemical, situational,  many reasons.

Pain, suffering from constant pain, depression is hard to kick. I know, pain is terrible. You can lesson your depression though. Maybe turn things around. I know, you don’t believe me, how could I know what you suffer.

Situational, This could be financial woes, abuse, tension… things that are much harder to deal with. Honestly, you have to deal with those situations before you will have much success dealing with depression. You may lesson it, but you need to cope with that primary pressure first, so seek help for that. there is lots there.

However… oh that word again. Chemical is a large part of it.

oh, so give me a pill.

That is a possibility. Pills work great to restore the balance of chemicals. Therapy too. I highly suggest you seek those routes. medication, should not be used alone. Sorry. Therapy should also be applied, who knows, soon meds may not be required. ya right, what do you know….   oh I know.

I mentioned how powerful exercise is a few days ago. So why?

I will get to it.

See here is the However, yet again. There are things you can do, to help tell Depression that it is no longer welcome. You can create your own chemicals, with no side effects, no, not just by exercise. There are a lot of things that will do this. I also bet when you continue to read, you will realize you do few or none of these things.

but have an excuse for why each one won’t work for you. because depression is whispering in your ear… lying to you.

So, before I continue, I am not trying to torment you, tease you, mock you. I am trying to help you. Help you to help yourself. See, this is when I wave my collection of framed letters in your face to dazzle you. Yes I know, you will say that you know your own body best… nope, you don’t.  Oh you can tell me lots of things. honestly in my short time I have probably heard most of them now. Again I am not making light of things, Some things are hard to do. There is that whispering too.

So read on with an open mind. Read it all, and ponder it. Don’t make any decisions, read it again when your not getting ready to smack me.

What can you do, why would it work, why it is better than medication. There is now way medication can be omitted in my care, I just need meds, the right ones, I keep getting the wrong ones….

so, lets take a serious look at this.

I know, you don’t want to. You want a pill.

hmmmm, wouldn’t you just like to be better? ok, I am not saying you may not need meds. I am saying there are people that are like you, have what ever you have, that can use some of these suggestions, to change their lives, reduce their meds and some not need them at all. The body is powerful in self healing, If you let it be.


Lets start with why exercise works.

So exercise releases the “feel good” chemicals in the brain. Chemicals that improves your mood. It happens instantly too. A hard workout can make you feel euphoric. The more you exercise the more chemicals are released. Things like serotonin that fights your depression, the chemical/hormone you may be low on.

But an easy bit of exercise does too, just a tiny bit, it happens immediately. The more you do, the more released.

Lets go through two of them that a work out will release.

Endorphins  These make you feel good, block pain. You get addicted to these, This is what I experience during a martial arts work out, or a run, when you push past that I can’t go on feeling.. suddenly  you get that “runners high”. It is an amazing feeling. But wait, you don’t have to go at it full tilt, even a walk releases them.

Serotonin This is a biggie, serotonin is responsible for your sleep, low levels make it hard to create the Melatonin hormone that puts and keeps you asleep. Low levels fuel depression, and disorders. Exercise releases serotonin, with no side effects. woo hoo, what is better than that? free feel better juice.

So, what do you have to do? run a marathon?  oh that would release a lot.. but you may want to start small. Go for a walk. Just down the street and back. Get off the couch, go outside… I know it is cold out. pssst, they have coats. Wave at people, smile. It creates a mood. Very hard to get use to, but when you start waving at people, talking to some of them.. smiling.. it releases chemicals too.

We are designed to move. Sitting causes problems. Physical and Mental. Once you start at it, it becomes easier. tiny steps. If you can find someone to walk with, so much better. But even alone, it is such a good start. Scary neighborhood?  go walk in a mall then. NO EXCUSES.

Next. noise. huh? yup. noise.

music, tv, fun music, cheerful, stop listening to depressing songs. you are fueling it. RIGHT NOW! Play some cheerful music, I know you don’t feel cheerful, don’t want to listen to “happy” songs. pssst, that is the depression whispering in your ear again. FIGHT BACK.

Then sing. omg, sing, I know you have a terrible voice. *covers my ears* ok, sing. I am not kidding. So you don’t know the words, make some up, sing a different song. Sing loud though, but use happy words.

Now you are thinking I am crazy. lol. I am not kidding though, this works.

Now, look around, is the only light in the room from your computer monitor?  GO TURN ON THE LIGHTS. Depression likes dark, chase it away. it is like a vampire, go get some sunshine, burn it up. You can buy lights that are closer to the light of the sun, they will help immensely. 

Pets… cats, dogs.. They release hormones, hugging a pet will release oxytocin, the love hormone. It is another good feeling hormone, cozy, trustfull. Women release this when they breastfeed, give birth… or hugging your pet, it releases it in your pet at the same time too. Play with them. Get down on the floor and play.

Change your thinking – Stop visiting blogs about depression, listening to sad music, watching sad shows, thinking sad things. Work at it. Look for happy things. Look at happy pictures, Post them on your blogs, put them up in your rooms. something that may make you grin. Make it a project, find one happy image and print it, put it up in your room, a new one every week. Or on your blog, funny picture of the week. 

Hobby, something you use your hands with, but preferably one where you can share it with others. Crafts of some sort. Where you talk whilst you craft. We are social creatures, doing a craft with others is therapeutic, calming, and you may make friends.

 Goals, I have said this before, mark your calendar for your next free day. Set an easy one, walk in the park. Visit with a friend for  a sleep over, have someone over, go to the mall to look at the pet stores and tease the kittens. SOMETHING. Something different, easy goals, then set another, try to set ones that will make you happy.

Friends.  This one can be harder. Finding friends. So again I point to previous statements, walking groups, where you meet people, volunteering is so rewarding and you meet people, crafts of some sort, or classes. Many classes are offered that are free, it gets you out. Getting out is so important. 

So… I say that a lot… so…

You have read this, and now are dismissing it. It won’t work for you.




You have to battle depression, If you don’t, you will lose.

Use your friends, family, Use yourself. But battle. 

Depression tells you to turn the lights off, stay quiet, stay in bed, find excuses. It is strong.

It is wrong.

The first tries are hard, Depression is very convincing. 

so I ask again. 

Do you want to be better?


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. I need to talk to the WordPress staff about the inability of the “Like” button to be hit ONLY once…what is with THAT!?!?!?

    Anyway … *smiles* … this blog post….has soooooo much good information in it.

    But …not stopping at just saying how much I like it …nooooooo will back you up here.

    EVERYONE *jumps up and down and up and down waving my arms*

    So ..things that Amber says. They work. How do I know?

    Because I suffer from depression. And… I AM battling it. And I AM winning damnit! The suggestions …. they work. Maybe not all of them for everyone. But some of them for everyone nod nods.

    When I don’t feel like exercising … I MAKE myself do it. I say aloud…OUT LOUD …. “Katie. Get your gym bag. Put your gym clothes in it. Katie. Go start the car. Drive to the gym.”

    Does it sound lame? Maybe. But it WORKS.

    Sometimes an injury or medical condition keeps you from exercising …nods…maybe you have to see a doctor first..but there should be something. A little thing. Just move. Move and you will feel better nod nods.

    Oh…I can talk about eating ….and looking at happy things. About meds and therapy and friends and singing badly nod nods…. but would get WAYYY to long lol.

    But lets you all know …. it works. Do it … MAKE it work for you. Please. It works. I am battling…and I am winning. Do not give up.

  2. What can I say – how much thought, wisdom and information you have shared with this. I have my down days, my crappy days, my stop the world I want to get off days, but fortunately… I do not suffer from depression and like anything really unseen it is hard to comprehend what sufferers go through.

    A quote I found –

    “Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them — every day begin the task anew.”
    Saint Francis de Sales

    Love Katie’s comments also.
    Hugs to you both. xx

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