Things that make you ponder

Sometimes you try to wrap your mind about something. 

It may twist you about as you dwell deeply on it.  

It could be something like.. how to set your alarm on your cell phone… or something much more involved… like what is really at the end of the universe… or what existed before there was anything. I mean, nothing is something, was that what was here? or was it solid.. solid what? also.. sorry but you can say it endlessly loops to infinity… but there is an end to everything, nothing is “bottomless” … so what is at the edge? 

Occasionally I will think about such things, and I can feel my head pulse as my mind contemplates.  

Other things too.

So.. think about this. the human body is designed somewhat well. It is handy for some things. … imagine what would happen if our noses were hmmmm upside down in a rain storm. 

or, this one, if you truly try to out think it.. what.. would a chair look like… if our knees bent the other way. hmmmmmm?

Are you thinking about that?

Why do you need a bailing bucket in a float plane… it is true. In a pontoon boat too. I mean.. what are you going to bail? It is the same with Jet skies.. a bailing bucket is required by law…. who thinks those things up? more to the point.. how do they keep their jobs? and why are we paying their wages? ????????????

little things.. like I am drawing a blank on that one… huh? ok, draw me a blank please.. I want to see what they look like.

Toasters… what is the highest setting for? most of the lower settings will burn the toast… what happens on high?


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. We can all twist our minds around the oddest things. I totally identified with this post, amber… It made me smile…

  2. Why do we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway?

  3. I try my hardest not to think, but when I do, it is the weirdest things.. *LOL*

  4. ‘ ‘ there’s your blank 🙂 hmm a post that me think and 🙂

  5. Oh … i like to think about things like time. What was there at the beginning…how can there even BE a beginning…shouldn’t there be something before that?

    Also…life beyond us. I sometimes think…how super incredible and mind boggling it would be if there was life out there.

    Then I think … omg…how mind boggling if we were the only ones?

    Both are wow things nods nods.

    But on smaller things…. why is phonics spelled the way it is?
    I also wonder what animals are sometimes thinking. *smiles*

    • I know what dogs think.. when is she going to say do you want…. do you want to go out, do you want a treat.. do you want to go for a walk….


      • shhhh …don’t tell anyone else…but sometimes I used to wonder….what is my dog thnking? and that I would want to go inside his head for about 5 minutes…but would then think …if I was in there, what if I was not able to have higher thoughts…and would actually become the dog and not be able to get back out of his mind.

        haha …see…whacko thinking! shhhhhh

  6. The toaster thing….I never got it…why is it that the high setting toasts less than the lower numbers do…that always confuses me, especially in the morning, They should just make a toaster with one setting that just toasts perfectly. Or get the numbers right. Bloody annoying.

    I often contemplate my hands. I don’t know if this fits with the idea of your post, but sometimes I look at them in amazement, at the lines on my plams and the backs of my fingers and I unfist and fist them and then I wiggle each finger on its own…bewilderment.

    • Hands are incredibly complex. I saw a comedian studying his once, in amazement, looking at the back quietly, turning it, marveling at the way it worked, Then raising his other hand to touch it… and discovering he had two of them. Lol. he did it very well.

      our toaster has a bagel setting, so it only toasts the inside of the bagel, which is nice…. except when someone forgets to flip it back to toast… and you only toast one side of the bread., of course I would never do that…. nods lots


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