Have a Tasty Christmas

There are other Christmas decorations, I like these a lot too. Though they aren’t puppies or kittens.. and not cuddly. No not at all. They still put smiles on faces.

Holiday Sugar Cookies


and Tarts, Cakes, Candies…. omg… woo hoo… I can feel the sugar rush already.

ok so I did warn you, I like Christmas.

ChristmasCookiePlateYou can have trays of pretty snacks decorating your coffee table, all the effort will be worth it ….when I grin and sneak one. 

Almond-Snow-Cookies Even the ones that are not as pretty… will often have hidden flavours that make your grin slip into a smile.



Sometimes the treasure is not so hidden…peanut-butter-balls1

mmmmmmm chocolate.  psssst, there is peanut butter inside those.  gaspsssss.. I know the internet needs to improve… so you can reach toward your monitor and snatch one.


christmas-fruit-cake-2009 Yes I like this too. It is good for you too, all that fruit. *tries to nod convincingly* pssst, some have rum in them too… or brandy…. 

christmas-eggnog Even beverages are decorative… and smell yummy too. *nogs my head* (pssst, that wasn’t a typo)



Figgy pudding, some are plain, some not so much. This one sure looks pretty though.



5972917-chocolates-for-christmas-with-baubles-on-glass-comport but chocolate… mmmm, and pretty too. oh look… that one looks so delicious.  


christmas-candy-mix-501210  Bowls of candies too, too. lots and lots of them. all colours, to brighten your day. I like that one… right there…. no the one beside that one.. wait.. that one over there..  oh drat, I like them all. 🙂


you can make houses too… or even a small village

Christmas-in-KC-gingerbread-train2I wonder if the train is chocolate… hmmm.


gingerbread-mansion-3  ohhhhh, bigger. 🙂


But you know that you have to have some cookies

They must be on hand

That tray or plate of them to put out on the eve

to bribe, I mean reward Santa for stopping by… 

 Then proper care must be taken.. they must be guarded… watched over and protected. 

wait.. are you protecting them?


grins.. well I had to sneak one in….




About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

9 responses »

  1. Nice one.. I am glad I ate lunch before looking at you blog… but now supper will be junk food.. *LOL*

  2. I love love love sugar cookies….and ginger ones too. But you KNOW that choco truffles totally caught my attention right?

    And oh … I soooo want to huuuggg retriever pup … but he is close to the choco chip cookies *pushes him away* …uhmm … so he does not eat chocolate …but now they are all by themselves…the choco chip cookies…*keeps pup away with my foot* ….


  3. Oh how hungry am I right now – SUGGARRRRRRRRR lots and lots please please I’ve been a dood dirl I pwomise 🙂 Grabs a cookie off Katie and runs like the wind…..yummmmm

  4. That figgy pudding just got my mouth watering 🙂 I gotta go have some now!!


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