Christmas Bells


Christmas Bells

Another decoration, but also with tradition and function.

Oh, and pretty sounds.


Pretty backgrounds, or cards.

Bells ring with the sounds of Christmas,

even when they are not heard.

There is of course tradition, why the bells are associated with Christmas. 


So from 

Bells are typically rung to announce a major life event or occasion. They are rung on both joyous and sad occasions including both weddings and funerals.
Bells are rung at Christmas to announce and celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Our modern day ringing of bells can be traced back to the Pagan religion, a major world religion that preceded Christianity. It was not uncommon for
Pagans to ring bells to keep evil spirits away. Ringing bells was part of many Pagan winter celebrations. Millenia ago, many Pagan customs were adapted
to fit into Christian celebrations. Christmas bells were also probably one of the least expensive musical instruments you could find.

A Common Christmas Tradition

Christmas bells take different forms in different cultures. In Haiti, they have wooden bells that actually don’t ring in lieu of the silver bells that we are all used

Nowadays, Christmas bells are a common part of our Christmas celebrations. We use bells to decorate. The front door of most homes is usually adorned
with Christmas bells to make a pleasant noise as guests enter our homes during the Christmas season. Christmas bells are also widely popularized in
many Christmas songs such as Jingle Bells and Silver Bells. Christmas bells make a festive embellishment to the outside of your Christmas presents, so
consider affixing a small Christmas bells onto your wrapped Christmas presents this holiday season.

Today, Christmas bells are such an integral part of our holiday celebration that it is hard to imagine the Christmas season without the appealing sound of
bells ringing.


Then there are the Christmas songs.  Many have bells in the lyrics, from jingling all the way to one of my favorites,

The Carol of The Bells.

I gathered up a few versions you can peek at.


This one, is quite interesting, no musical instruments, no vocals.


ok, so I can’t resist the puppies. 😉

This next one is Cellos and quite powerful


This one, vocal, is just very pretty.

finishes with a big bang and an awwwwww


grins again



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

10 responses »

  1. I do love the carol of the bells… One of my favorites at this time of year…

  2. Carol of the Bells is most definitely one of my favorite Christmas song each year! I love the George Winston version ( The piano is just perfect. Also, here is a fairly new version by Barlow Girl in acapella fashion ( I like it a lot too! Give it a listen!

  3. I am listening to the videos now..

  4. Okay back….listened to them all ..

    First – my favorite picture on here is the first one…the silver bells … they are incredibly beautiful.

    Next – videos … the one with the telephone and factory workers was interesting nod nods…very imaginative.

    The one with the singing is very classic and LOVES that version.

    But of course you know that my favorite would be the cello *smiles*. I think tis one of the most sensual and moving and at times the catch-in-your-chest musical instrument ever. Oh lord…at 2:57 …. his fingers were magical. And just after, the long notes .. I was mesmerized.

    I HAVE to one day learn to play the cello. I might never be as good as those we are seeing … but that does not matter *smiles*

    Wonderful post Amber.

  5. How did I not see this post? I am listening to the Cellos as I write…yes so the Carols of the cannot help but bring forth the Christmas inside of us when you do these inspiring posts. I have seen the factory one before – very cleverly done…but the awwww is my absolute favourite. Thank you back to hear the cello once more. 🙂 xx


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