The waiting day

December 23rd…. the day of waiting


The quiet hush as all is prepared… hopefully

excited whispering and peeking at the tree

A  day of waiting, wondering what will be

The clock ticks.. but one slow second at a time


Cuddling by the fire, excitement building slowly

like a rocket screaming toward the moon…

knowing company will soon be here, only a day away

oh look a whole minute has passed…only one minute!



Checking to be sure all the dust bunnies are gone

tummies grumbling in anticipation, but quietly of course

not peeking under the tree… resisting that force… sort of

it must be broken that silly clock…. shaking it hard…



Menus dash through our heads, over and over

checking the pantry again and again…

gasping.. we are out of … well nothing.. woo hoo 😉

omg.. is the second hand going backwards?



The turkey is thawing.. well it better be… checking it again

some wine is cooling, I did my hair.

three roommates are lined up and inspected with care… really!

three minutes passed? that is all?



We are ready… we better be..

time ticks sooooo sloooowly

Moms are coming and a puppy too

the batteries, they must be dead… surely it has stopped


We are going to have so much fun!

we are ready, of that I am sure

where is the list.. I best check again 1, 2, 3

a glance at the clock.. time has frozen it must be



Waiting for the day seems so slow

all the planning and preparing

to be ready for fun and Ho Ho Ho

but the clock is stuck, it is not moving…. is it that Mayan thing?




The twenty third, the longest day of the year..

We have silly grins and are filled with Christmas Cheer

relaxing and waiting checking the clock, waiting and watching

for the clock to tick… come on clock….. TICK!



Each second seems like an hour

maybe we ran out of power?

snow is falling, it is just so perfect

weeee, ten minutes have passed.. can you tell I am excited?



Time for games, smiles and hugs

time is moving, though slow it seems

spending it with loved ones

here and in memories


Christmas is tradition, old and new

friends and family and all of you

blog and chat, school and work

all over the world and in our hearts too


Those that are here

those that have left

those to come

those to meet


Christmas is for all

yes, you you and you

I wish you the best

and send hugs with care


Merry Christmas to you all!

Some poems rhyme with beauty and grace

for they are written without any haste

but this is Christmas, and I am hyper

…so this one doesn’t.



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. yourothermotherhere

    I like the picture. And so what if it doesn’t rhyme? It made me smile! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

  2. Rhymes don’t have to ‘rhyme’ my sweet – that was on my LOVE LOVE LOVE list and I am soooo sorry I didn’t wish you a Happy Birthday for the 22nd 😦 I hope you had a wonderful day.Merry Christmas sweetheart and in 2013 may all your dreams come true 🙂 xxx

  3. Tick……tick……tick……tick……then slower… a bunch of slower ticks….*grinz*…I need the clock to stay slow for heaven’s sake…I need more time!!!….*waves hands frantically*….could I kindly please request one extra day?….


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