A New Year doth approacheth

Construction is almost complete!


Soon it will be here, so much to do… so much to plan… so little time, we have only had a year to prepare…

It is almost here, just days away


Hats to try on, sashes to iron… 


Then we can watch the clock tick..

if we can see it..

darn hats

baby new year

There, that looks good now. Phew


So now it is time to party.. woo hoo

Noise makers and balloons … Yay!

Baby-New-Year (Small)

watch where you leave your hat though….

you never know when someone may pick it up….


 Everyone wants a festive hat!


and now… one for the awwww factor. 


ok.. you can keep the hat

But remember please… party is party, fun is fun. 

This next part is soooo important though, so pay attention please.





About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Yahhhhh for 2013.

    But first … remembers 2012 … and all the people … and ….

    Ohhh … but I also made soooooo many new friends … omg so many I cannot name them all (which is suuuuccchhhh a good thing nod nod nods).

    And of course, you are one Amber *hugs* …no wait….super hugs!!!!

    Then there are friends I have had since forever … yah for them too (if you are thinking you are one of these…you are RIGHT!)

    Now … what will the new sash and hat bring us in 2013 …

    Wishes you a most wonderful New Year Amber!!!

  2. Cheers for 2013! Looks for a suitable party hat. Merry Christmas and happy holidays Amber!

  3. The awwww one – ok and the cute babies 🙂 Where do you find these pics??

    From this side of the world to your side of the world I hope that 2103 is all that you wish for. The exam results you wanted combined with love, joy and happiness for 2013 Amber.

    Thank you for brightening my days with your lovely posts and look forward to more. 🙂 xx


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