Last rant of the year?

Well I have tried to be all festive like over the holidays, avoid a deep post or conflicting one…. I have done quite well too. But enough is enough *stomping my foot*

It is time to unwind and let go, I keep forgetting how annoying this invention is.

The idea was great, BUT IT DOESN’T WORK!




Packages of food have to be safe, I agree. We are in a society now where some individuals think tampering with others food is amusing. So food of all sorts needs a seal to ensure that no demented soul has done their nefarious deeds for self amusement whilst safe in their dark dreary shadows.

Food has a safety seal. Sure that is a great thing.

Ketchup, salad dressings, under the easy pour spouts, but first you need to tear it off. The lids are small, so sometimes that little seal is difficult to remove, you need a tiny knife to pry or cut it off.

So some bright soul invented the easy tear off safety seal. Hmmm there must be a picture somewhere, hang on…..


woo hoo, I found one.

ok, so a great idea, just grab on to the part that lifts and then the seal will pull off easily….. right?



so the idea was great. What bothers me, each and every time I pull that little tab off… and the lid remains on the bottle… DID THEY TEST IT?

are they all sitting in board rooms smiling at each other… good job.. claps on the back.. high fives?  are they?

the dolt that invented it, do they not have a boss of some sort? someone that checks their work.. to see if it worked?

someone that opens their salad dressing at home whilst everyone waits…. and waits…. and waits…


sheish, someone should follow through on the ideas, to see if they are a good thing… or are they all really that dense?

It would be a great idea if it was successful… Hello KRAFT .. not to mention any names… 

You know what this is telling me? do you?

I think you don’t eat your own products…

you can’t.. or you would have fixed this long ago.. 

so that scares me.

(there goes my free case of salad dressing for product endorsement)



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Can I smile ever so sweetly whilst saying you nutter? 😉 I know those tops are extremely annoying as are the child proof ones (cleaners and the like) my god they are adult proof as well! Loved this and sorry about your (salad dressing). You’re a pet (not the shaggy aww kind)..but then perhaps you are..ok I’m leaving now and taking my salad dressing with me coz I didn’t blast the KRAFT lol 😉 xx

  2. Seriously!!! They never work 😦 I tried using a knife and ended up hurting myself once 😦 😦

  3. Giggles….

    Firstly – You have done MORE than an AWESOME job and putting up postings that are filled with joy and cheer this holiday season Amber. Nods…. and when you put up other blog posts … they are either friendly and helpful … or informative … or if like this, a rant, then a well deserved rant. But thoughout the Christmas season, your blog posts were incredibly filled with awww moments and wonderous photos nod nods. So … thank you for that!

    Now…as to this blog post and pull top tabs….omg … whenever I have seen that particular one I always get soooo confused lol. I flick at the plastic film and try to figure out how to use it…a lot of times I end up picking at the edges to pull it off…or like some of you…get out a small paring knife to cut it out!

    • Each time we look at it and go.. I can do it.. and one of use reaches for it… and then moments later we are holding that clear plastic tab and grumbling looking at the lid still on the bottle while someone else goes to get a paring knife.

      each time.

      thinks “kraft” may be named wrong… that denotes a skill…. perhaps they should cal it “stuff we don’t eat, here try it… if you can get it open” or something.

      grumbles more

    • and stop giggling *stomps my foot* this is a rant… *tries to look stern* 😉

      did I succeed?

    • You sort of succeeded … but… the fact tha I just like you so much makes me overlook any grumblings you may do.

      Heck … you RARELY ever complain … if anyone is allowed, tis you Amber. Huggsss.


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