Hobbits and a wizard, and some little people that are fun

We’re off to see the wizard
Wait, wrong movie, oh but yes there was a wizard
Well this one also had a lizard
No silly t’was a dragon



Oh well big it was and scary too
rolls eyes, green and flames as well
yup and scales but it wasnt in a zoo
I think zoos can’t keep dragons

Well this one has jewels and gold
Yes but it stole them, and was mean too
Wait you are giving away the movie, that is cold
it isn’t me that is on about dragons…

Hobbitses and Bagginses of them we can write
oh well that is very gollum of you
Something precious perhaps while in sight?
Oh a play on words, with the ring you vanish?

Well blurr out sort of it seems, in a wispy way
There you go again, letting out secrets…
Well then a change of directions if I may?
Certainly perhaps special effects?

Oh a grand idea with three D and all
Yes that is it and the scenery too?
Well that was beautiful we really had a ball
Not very descriptive a review I can see

Well you complain I will ruin the movie
Yes but we had a ball? You can do better than that
You won’t yell at me if it said it was groovy?
omg.. rolls eyes again

The popcorn was great with lots of butter
Everyone can have popcorn even at home silly
sheish now Mumsy is going to call me a nutter
well on with the review then, off you go

Some books with movies are not the same
Yes, the movie is often so different, I agree
Well some follow quite well but others are lame
I think I just said that but go on please

You paint a picture in your mind when you read a book
A great book will be hard to copy with a movie I agree
Well this one did quite well, everyone should take a look
What? You liked it? You finally have a review?

After reading the book the painting was set, I knew what it should be
Yes yes, and it was close? You were not disappointed?
for the first time ever it was what my mind could see
oh, wow, that would be hard to do, with a book such as this

Goblins and Orks, Trolls and Dwarves creatures of every kind
The book had a lot of them, they were well done then?
oh yes as real as life, but with the movie, not just in my mind
oh wow, then you liked it I can see

Well you were there too, it is hard to leave you behind
You know talking to yourself is a sign of something or other..
Yes I know I have the books, but they don’t mention when you do it in rhyme
Behind and rhyme …uhmmmm rhyme?

The movie was great we really liked it, I have but one issue
oh dear, issue will be difficult to rhyme with
Three parts, omg, waiting two years for it to end.. hand me a tissue
rolls eyes again.. well done I am impressed.

The 3d effects were really great, just right and not overdone
Oh yes birds and butterflies in the theater flying about
rain too, I even checked to see if we were getting wet, we had such fun
I saw you duck and blink in surprise when things flew toward.. hmmm us?

So the movie was good, maybe even great. we gave it eight thumbs up
Wow that is a perfect score it seems but I agree it was so grand
lol, well all I can say is ….. yup.
omg, rolls eyes again.


pssst, he really is off to see the wizard



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

12 responses »

  1. Wow I am impressed and a lil scared. When do you go back to school again? lol

  2. Good work Amber 😀 loved it ❤

  3. Oh what a great movie! I can’t wait for the next one.

    Talking to yourself, oh oh, who is going to fix that? 😉

    The movie was 8 thumbs up. well 10 if Amber suddenly has two votes now…..

  4. you always have two votes 🙂

    The movie was specular! Hobbits are so cute 😉

  5. It was two hours and fifty minutes, and they went by in a blink!

  6. I loved the Hobbit – loved your review in poetical terminology and also that you have it as an 8 thumbs up…weird but wonderful (unless there were 4 of you of course) 🙂 xxx

  7. Ohhh … I liked how you rhymed that ….and more so … I liked the talking to yourself bit.

    Why yes we did like that a lot, we thought it dandy.

    Not only a review was giving, but it was full of wit.

    And especially as it had thumbs up from you all

    *giggles* …. actually … Andrea tells me to see Les Mis … and now this review …ohhh …what to see next??!??


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