More J.R.R Tolkien

Poking around I discovered  J R R Tolkien  read some of his poems and that they are on youtube. He has one that he reads in elvish. Not being fully fluent in elvish a lot of it went over my head…..

So I listened to some other poems he read and thought, how cool would it be to find the one I posted yesterday, to have him read it.

Well the first one that came up was not from him, but by Adele McAllister.  She put it to song. When you peek below you can listen to it, I think it is beautiful.

Did I find Mr. Tolkien reading one… well you will have to look to see.


If you follow through, she sings quite a few songs from LOTR as well. Also some original songs. 🙂

Adele McAllister her play list

Alas, did I find Tolkien reading the poem… no.  Disappointed?  me too.  😦

From wikipedia

“Bilbo’s Last Song” is a poem by J. R. R. Tolkien. It was given by Tolkien as a gift to his secretary Joy Hill in 1966. After Tolkien’s death in 1973 Hill showed the poem to Donald Swann, who liked the poem so much that he set it to music and included it in the second edition of The Road Goes Ever On in 1978. 

I know, not much of a reward, that tidbit of knowledge. but cheer up, it may be a jeopardy question one day.

so as a bonus for hanging in there

Tolkien in ancient ( I am sure it must be ancient) Elvish




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  1. Oh …. she has such a lovely voice. And she is soooo young. I took a listen to a couple other of her songs … I like her playing style too. And …I noticed she is left handed. I wonder if it is harder to learn to play left handed?

    As for the Tolkein poem in elvish …oh lord….I bet there are people who are similar to trekkies who know LOTR elvish language…and orc language … and other Middle Earth speak nod nods.


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