Creative Dinner Night

Creative Dinner Night, that is what we call it.

When we all contribute, but without any pre-planning. It usually works out, sometimes it is just… blech. lol

So, four roommates working in the kitchen, in case you haven’t been following along, of course I am one of the four. Yes there is a lot of hi-jinx and giggling. Often quite a clean up afterwards too. That is what makes it fun!

So what did we cook tonight? oh gawds.. we have to name it? *checks the rules* nope, no names are required.. hmmm, perhaps we should change that rule.

ok on with the hmmm dinner, that is it.


Well the way we do it, is everyone goes to get an ingredient and starts to prepare it. Not influenced by what ever she sees the others doing.

Jill went to the fridge and got out an avocado and started removing all the goodness and chopping it up, she even got the pit out.  😉 We like avocados. She took some chick peas and mashed them up too.

Megan  grabbed a packet of stewing beef. Our stewing beef is so tender, it really melts in your mouth. For some reason Megan had a bit of green on her nose, not sure where that came from. But Jill was giggling and had moved to the other side of the kitchen…

Aimee took out some provolone cheese and started to grate it.

I got a few potatoes and peeled them, washed and grated them. It was tough to get the grater… but after some menacing looks I managed to rescue it from the cheese grater person. I took some flour and dusted them. the potatoes.. well Meg, Jill and Aims too, but shhh.

Megan seared the stewing beef and then cooked it gently to a medium. Aimee poured a bit of red wine on the meat and covered it with a lid while it cooked. She poured four glasses too, it was a nice Cab Sauv.

Jill grabbed some cottage cheese and drained off the extra liquid from it and chopped up a bit of fresh dill which was added. Some fresh ground pepper too, oh and we all sneezed, you shouldn’t add the pepper from across the room in some sort of Olympic pepper toss. It uhm, doesn’t work so well. No really, we all tried, none of us managed to toss the pepper very far. 

Aimee chopped up a sweet onion and some garlic. She was singing some chopping song at that point. I wonder who opened the second bottle of wine?

I put a big pan on the stove and put in a bit of oil, heating it while I formed patties with the potatoes.

Aimee tossed the chopped garlic into my potatoes. Then the cheese, she is crafty. 

My hands were a bit sticky from forming the patties and suddenly I found I was alone at my end of the kitchen until they were cleaned. omg, like I would wipe potato cheese garlic flour gunk on one of my singing roomies… well I couldn’t as they were gone.

Jill took a packet of gravy mix from the cupboard, yes we use those as they are better for you, much less fat. 

She made the gravy. See she can cook too. 😉 well Aims helped by substituting half the water with the cab. She likes to cook with wine, I like that. 🙂

My potato patties were golden brown now and crispy. I took them out and rested them on paper towels to soak up any grease. 

Megan got out four plates and the potato latkes went in the middle. Oh that is what they are called.

Jill spread the chick pea mash on them and then put the chopped avocado on and then a good dollop of the cottage cheese with the dill. Aimee sprinkled it with the sweet onion. 

I poured some gravy on each one, then Meg put the beef that she had cut into tiny pieces carefully over the growing pile. Aimee tossed on some shredded lettuce. 


This needs a name!



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

6 responses »

  1. Sounds nice, when should I be there? I don’t cook, but I’ll bring the wine…

  2. Ok ok ok…..wait…

    Latkes…sprinkled with chick pea mash …topped with avocado and a cottage cheese/dill mixture…with onions and GRAVY? The meat part sounds ok (and that is a LOT coming from me lol)….and lettuce.

    OH. MY. GOD.

    What to call it you ask?!?!? Uhmmm…school lunch left overs?!?!?

    LOL…sorry. How did it taste? I mean if you did not have all that wine I mean.

  3. we have to name it?


    We can call it mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fun

  4. One in all in – no not the name but your cooking adventure, sounds so much fun… as for the name… ‘Quatrain Delight’ lol 🙂 xxx


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