Rant Rant Rant.. oh well… :-)

Rant.. well not really.

ok, a rant. But hey, some things can be annoying.

Besides, I didn’t know what to blog about today. 🙂

and didn’t want to cheat with a music video…… 😉 …….ads extra dots for dramatic effect


We turned on the tv after dinner for a bit, we like to watch Jeopardy, it is fun when we try to out do each other shouting out the answers questions. It really is a lot of fun. I am surprised the contestants don’t hear us, we are quite loud. 

 Wheel of fortune comes on before Jeopardy, we caught the final puzzle tonight…


 The answer was Spunky Hero. ??????????????

what the hayhoo is a Spunky Hero?

omg, is that anything?

How is anyone going to guess that?

Did Vanna need a raise?

ok, I am done now. lol. 

shhh, Jeopardy is on and I am winning, Multi tasking and all. 🙂



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. I am just so disappointed in you, that you don’t know what a spunky hero is.. *shakes my head* Everyone knows that.. Pffttt…

    (runs to google it)

  2. Wonders if you got the Final Jeopardy question tonite? Hmmmm? *Dances abouts* ((Though here in the USA we had a Teen Tournament – I did o.k. at best…*gglz*))

  3. Websters: Spunky hero – See Amber. 🙂

    They didn’t have enough letters to put in heroine.

  4. You dag 🙂 even posting without having to post about is comical – well done honey……more dots just for you 😉 xx

  5. Uhmmmm….may I ask who the following was directed at?!?!!?

    “…and didn’t want to cheat with a music video.”

    *Fake glares at you* …. errr….*What is, “Fake glares at you?”* haha


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