Roommates are for squishing.

Almost rants and questions.. general ramblings.. That is this morning. 😉

Who knows where this post will go, I will let my fingers decide.


On the news today, I saw that some places, cities, municipalities, are now charging people to rescue them. So right away everyone goes HUH?

Well in truth, in a fashion this is not abnormal. If you phone 911 and the ambulance shows up, they send you a bill for the ride to the hospital.

But what happens when you are in need of more costly help. Perhaps while skiing or snowboarding on a remote mountain you run into troubles, search teams and lots of equipment is needed to find and bring you to safety. Who should pay that cost that in a recent episode, amounted to more than $10,000?

So you are in trouble, but know you can’t afford a rescue.. so don’t bother calling? You deal with it yourself.. or try to… 

Or perhaps you should not be there in the first place. I think this is where the problem arises.

We have a lot of lakes around us. In past years, in what were normal winters, they froze over hard. A thick layer of ice would cover them. So there is a lot of winter activities on the lakes. Ice huts dot the lakes where people catch frozen fish… what? (giggles)

Cross country skiing on the snow topped lake is nice, areas are shoveled so you can skate.

Snowmobiling at high speeds over the flat surface, trying not to hit the rinks or bump into the huts… is lots of fun

pssst, they are much harder to hit when moving though.  Maybe they are trolling?

But lately the lakes are not freezing quite as hard. It is not rocket science, when it is not so cold ice doesn’t form. Some people though, don’t know how to make ice perhaps?

oh.. this is rocket science. 🙂

She is 13. 


They venture out on the lakes. to do things, annoyed at how they have to maneuver around the warning signs, stay off the ice.

c_thin_ice_danger_sign  ICE-Lake


I know, the signs are confusing, not clear at all.

Soon enough they run into problems. Another fellow was on the news this morning, complaining he was billed $5,000 to extract him from the ice.

He doesn’t want to pay, perhaps they should just put him back then?

It is a tough call to make, to charge for rescue.

It is easy to say, well they are being silly and shouldn’t have done that, shouldn’t be there, so we have to charge.

*nods* that is perhaps true.

So then. What rescues are made because it was not a silly mistake? If you planned on crashing your plane, is then rescue free because it was planned?

Should rescuing people become profitable?

Oh, I am not saying people that skirt signs and go where they do not belong should be told good job, thanks for the business and that is it.

Last year a group of people were rescued from a large piece of ice that broke off and was floating in the lake, helicopters had to pick them up and return them to shore.

But you know what? Moments later they were back out on the ice….


It is nice to have help when you need it though. 

Yesterday was a bit of a grueling  day. I had some tougher sessions, one at the end of the day was very difficult. They often sit with you for a while.

So when I was at home and opened my laptop.. or is it notebook? and a key fell off, I was a tad unhappy. Staring at that empty hole, I knew it was going to annoy me, to the point I knew I would stop using the computer. OCD? hmmm, I can’t say then it would be self diagnosis. lol. 

But it really upset me, I think it was just a few things that happened through the day that built up.

Megan, one of my roommates, in case you haven’t been following along, sat beside me and gently put the computer on the table. Went to youtube and googled how to repair a key from my laptop. Inserting my laptop model and make. 

Then she took the key from my hand and thirty seconds later it was back where it belonged. 

So hence the title of today’s post. 

I squished her.




About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Great friends like Megan are very nice to have around! Specially ones that double as repair technicians! I hope she has recovered from being squished *s*

  2. Your fingers did tell the I the only who is confused by ‘why are the huts moving though’? 😦 Yes I can be a right proper ‘dick’ at times *Aussie for knuckle head) xxx

  3. OMG…I couldn’t figure out why the huts were moving. I have never seen people put little huts on the ice. We don’t have our ponds freezing that hard.

    And…that rocket video…WOW….they must have had to fly somewhere to recover it I would think. That was pretty cool.

    But not as cool as Megan *smiles*


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