How to spend a snow day… part two

Snow days, just the name still makes one grin. What to do, well anything works.

relax, eat, party, have a baby, shovel, read…  

We shoveled a lot, I mean a lot. After an hour or so the signs of shoveling were gone.

Finally we gave up, some friends managed to walk over so we just relaxed.

oh alright, we partied. lol.

Pizza, we knew there was no chance of going out to get one, and expecting delivery was a bit silly, so we made some.


oh we didn’t have a baby.. just in case you caught that… but someone did.


I made a sourdough rye crust for the pizza, it was just so tasty, and yes it was thin and yes I flipped it in the air lol. oh.. and yes there was a lot of flour flying around. 

We made a few pizzas, some were normalish, pepperoni, sausage mozzarella…

The tomato sauce was yummy, Aimee made that. 

One pizza though stood out, it also vanished sooo fast.

On went the tomato sauce, then some Hungarian salami, I love that it is nice and tangy, vidalia sweet onions, cherry tomatoes chopped in half and avocado. mmmmm I have never had pizza with avocado before, wow, its great!

Havarti cheese, mozzarella and parmesan to top it.

But… there are other ways to spend a snow day.

 you could have a baby.

The roads were a mess, I mean they were terrible. Plows couldn’t keep up with the snow fall, they are still clearing side streets. 

One expectant mom was enjoying a snow day until she went into early labour.. oh oh. Contractions started, it was time to rush to the hospital.

But the roads were a mess, on the way a car in front of them lost control, to avoid them they hit a bank.  Soon to be mom was now crying, understandably so. 

They managed to continue their drive but the on ramps to the highways were blocked with snow, The plows can’t clear them all instantly, it was causing troubles for everyone trying to get on and off the highways. They came to a halt, the hospital was close, they could almost see it, but they were faced with a long line of cars not moving. Contractions were minutes apart now. 

Time for the 911 call.

 A firetruck came, and became stuck. This was not going well. More help was called, they dispatched plows to open the road and tow trucks.

It was too late for this now though. Contractions were sending a strong message. 

OPP, our provincial police force, had an officer there, a Sergeant . He and a firefighter carried the almost mom over the concrete barrier that lines the highway to his cruiser. 

He then rushed the couple to the hospital, leaving their car on the highway. They arrived just in time for baby Elise to join us in the world.  Mom Carol and Dad Elvin have a snow day to remember. 

 Another OPP officer brought their car to the hospital and gave them the keys. 🙂

I like stories with happy endings.




About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Awwwwww….I am so pleased there is indeed a very happy ending! Glad you are having fun snow days! Btw, the stars tonite!!! Amber, the most brilliant I have seen in years….*nods lots*…..:)

  2. Wonder if bubs will be named Snow or Drift? Certainly a very busy snow day all round it seems!

  3. I soooooooo caught the have a baby commment right off!!!

    I read about the pizza…scrolled looking for what you were on about … then saw the rest of it.

    Some can carry off the delivery without stress it seems….but I would gather that even the calmest would have gotten all aiiiieee on that particular day.

    I am glad that baby E and mom got though it fine (and dad too nod nods). I can see the gifts already … tiny show bootties …. icy teething rings … skates … skis … woo woo


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