monday morning blahs, blech.

The sun slowly slips over the roof tops,
glorious in its shiny brilliance.
Chasing away the night drops,
that linger with stuborn resilience.

 Pretty songs fill the room,
wafting gently in the air.
The morning starts to bloom,
the alarm clock sails with such… flair.

Stretches and yawns,
the first smile of the day.
The sun wakes and casts its bronze,
sparkling beams in that sky of gray.

Fluttering eyes trying to blink,
slumber beckoning, tempting a return.
Soft pillows beckon, where a head could sink,
alas, but you must be stern.

A new dawn, new day, but hang a bit..
hop out of bed, make a note draw a map.
Dear self.. “buy a new clock you twit”
oh, but wait… it is Monday.. oh crap!





Mondays..   too much weekend and they can be well…  blech. lol


things just have a way of going wrong on Mondays

Everything seems more daunting.


So why do they just keep coming?

I mean..


what is up with that?


Someone needs to look into this.

th (1)

drugs, we can turn to caffeine… 

It must help?



oh well… enjoy your Monday

I have the week off. 


Monday Morning Blues

The keys are in the refrigerator,
The IPod’s in my boot,
And I am running late for work,
The toast is in my suit.

No coffee in the percolator,
Just water, very hot,
Now what is it I have to do?
Oh, Lord, I just forgot.

My shoes are in the elevator,
My socks are in the shoes,
And I am getting dizzy,
With the Monday morning blues.

The phone is in the garburator,
My lunch is in the sink,
And though my day has just begun,
I think I need a drink.

My foot is on the accelerator,
My brain is back at home,
My hair is falling in my eyes,
I think I need a comb.

And I am no exaggerator,
Each week is just the same,
For every Monday I wake up,
And play the same old game.

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul


Happy Monday, hope it goes..  uhm… well?



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Oh my girl, how I laughed and smiled and knew exactly what you meant. Your poem … gorgeous, your pic of the Shar-pei adorable. I had 3 double coffees this morning – yes a Monday, it’s been in the 30+ temp over here and even though we have cooling, think I managed 3 hours sleep total last night …combine that with a huge tear shaking session (upset with daughter 1) my Monday was…well err shite. Pfft to you for having the week off! 😉 Enjoy sweet. 🙂 xx

  2. Ugh. Is Monday again! Marches off in search of another cup of coffee. (Though the picture of the little girl sticking out her tongue is just adorable – a younger Amber no doubt!)

  3. Uhmmm….errr….ahhhh….errrrrr…

    *whispers* …. I had the day off….

    (And I still need to save and post that tongue sticking picture to my yummy pages)

  4. Awesome pics, they all made me smile 🙂

    Tuesday has to better..right?


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