Stop Bullying


Today is Pink Shirt day.

Are you taking part?

Pink is GREAT. 



On Wednesday, people across Canada will don pink shirts to take a stand against bullying.


Six years ago this started in the province of Nova Scotia where students witnessed a boy who was being bullied. Why? Because he wore a pink t-shirt! The next day they handed out pink t-shirts to the male students in the school.


Speak out. 

Bullies cause more problems in young minds that you realize, I am sure. My post a few days ago, one of the comments from a girl that self harmed saddened me greatly. She cut herself to scare bullies away, and to deal with the terrible stress she felt at night because of this.

Bullies don’t just pick on kids. Bullying happens in the work place too, and it happens with seniors. 

Almost half of boys and over a quarter of girls in public schools have bullied. 

Stopping it may be hard. I am guessing there are not many children reading this now. Your children are either being bullied, or bullying or have seen some as the percentage of children witnessing bullying is almost 100%.

So talk to them.

do those numbers make you go eeeeps?

they should.

Bullying happens on dates too, and at parties. Sexual aggression. 

See I have seen this too. I haven’t hmmmm. 

I haven’t blogged about that..

 I don’t think I am going to now, I pondered it.

I am not going to post all the ways bullying happens, I am sure you know them.

If you are being bullied, do not feel shame, talk to someone! Be strong. It is wrong and not your fault. 


Let’s Talk!



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. I hate bullying, and while I love the idea of the pink shirt, it doesn’t work for me. All throughout school, I was bullied, and I don’t just mean “hey, you’re fat”, I mean I was tormented, my self esteem disappeared and I had bruises all over me. When this first came into play, it seemed like only the popular girls would take part in it. If you were out of that group and wore it, oh ho, better watch out, easy target. I hate the people for doing what they did to me, and I hate them for doing what they did to others, and what’d the authority do? Absolutely nothing. Nothing! Police were involved and the only thing that was said is “they’re known to us.” Really? I don’t care, DO SOMETHING! Nothing was ever done.

    I don’t think a pink shirt solves anything. I think administrators getting off their lazy careless asses and doing something would be the changing point. But when is THAT ever going to happen? Now I feel like writing about bullying.

    • awwww S I know it is terrible. It happens in so many ways too. No, pink shirts are not going to stop it, but every bit of awareness helps a tiny bit. I wish time could be set back so this could be erased from your past just as I wish I could do the same in my past to do the same.

      One day for this and one day for that.. a few days it is self harm awareness day. Do they make a difference? they make ripples.

      ripples can grow into waves. Yes write about bullying, it ads to the wave. *hugs*

      did the appt go ok today?

      • Half the people are doing it because it’s a trend and it’s “cool to be trendy.” It pisses me off because it’s a topic that’s so close to my heart. Sometimes I wish I could go talk at schools about bullying.

        I wish we could ALL erase it from our pasts!

      • That would be good you know. To go talk at schools. It would help a lot of kids. It would help you too.

        Tis true about more than half are just being trendy, but it still adds to the effect to make it more main stream. I find more kids talk after today, it brings some out that are living in fear. So if it helps just one child.. it is worth it.

        nods erasing things from our past would be grand.

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  3. We do not have Pink shirt day here where I live. Nevertheless, I think bullying is an issue everywhere these days. Not just in person … but through social media too yes?

    i have a daughter as you know …. does she deal with this personally? Nods. Though tis not so bad for her as some others i know.

    *sighs* …there is so many things to learn of…that we should not have to learn of ..I will read and be more aware….

  4. Hmm we don’t have pink shirt day either but I am sure it will catch on over here. Too many are bullied on social media, in schools in the work place … I know I have it where I am now 😦 Normally a peaceful person there is one woman I could quite easily slap… sad but true. Good Post honey xxx

    • Mumsy bullying in the work place is a big problem. It is not acceptable. Speak out. It only gets worse. If you are firm they will back down, if not, they have a boss….

      There is no reason you need to put up with it. *hugs*


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