Chick pea bread?

Well we had a trip to the bulk food store yesterday. It is a fun place to visit… psst lots of candy. 😉

images (2) rows and rows of it… mmmmmmm

I did pick up some healthy things too. I have been searching for quinoa for a while. As we walked in there was a big bin of it right at the end of an aisle…. no I didn’t buy the whole bin. quinoaclose200 just a smallish bag to see if we liked it. Last time I tried something new it was sort of 50/50. It is sort of like small barley. It doesn’t look like grits, so it should go over ok……….  well it should.


We will try it tonight, I am going to fry some onions in a bit of butter until golden and then add the quinoa and some soup stock.. and some white wine and cook until it is tender.  So an experiment. The ratio for liquid to grain.. well seed as it seems to be a seed, is two to one I think.

Then I stumbled across chick pea flour. Oh stop laughing, so I haven’t seen it before. I bought some of it as well. I have a bit of it in a Italian bread dough that is rising now, so experiment number two. There is no gluten in this flour so unless I want a flat bread I have to mix it with other flour. I didn’t use much, perhaps 1/7th. I think it could add a nice flavour.

If not.. then we will not be doing well for bread this week as someone has eaten it all.

oh we found some nice trail mix with lots of dried fruit, it is a great snack, but they don’t seem to give it away. 😦 you would think dry fruit would be on sale.. I mean isn’t it stale now?

Something new too, for us. A snack, it sort of looked like this but ours has of a variety in it. images (3) There are wasabi peas and other things with wasabi on it. It is quite hot, tis fun watching Meg’s face when she bites into one. Some have a peanut center, they are quite yummy. I also found one  that is close to the same but a bit different, it  is dragon something or other. It has a lot of sushi looking snacks, also balls with sesame seeds  with peanut centers, mmmm, very yummy. But always tell Aimee first if something is hot… eeeps  1723 ours had a bit more in it, some longer ones with a black wrapper like a sushi wrap. 

Time to beat the dough back down and let it rise again. Cross your fingers…



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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Might we have a follow-up post about how the meal went? As for the wasabi peas, they are yummy but can pack a lil bite now and again. 🙂 Does poor Megan always have to test everything out? Now I do have one bone to pick – the lil dig about grits did not go unnoticed! *Hmnmmmppphhhh* Folds arms across chest and tries to look quite stern!

  2. Oh, you noticed that did you? Here Meg try these, they are not hot. The green ones are the mildest. You should try a handful for a variety.

    It is like when she had those every flavour beans.

    Dinner was delicious though, as per usual.

  3. We have those snake cracker things with the wasabi peas….I LOVE THEM mmmmmmm

    Now…quinoa … be careful, they are small and flick all over the place, especially before they are cooked.

    I like to mix the quinoa with stuff (although alone is okay too). Try mixing some humus into it … or cook it 50-50 with wild rice … or the saute you mentioned would work well too nod nods. And yes…it is a 2:1 water to quinoa ratio.

    How did it go…I am sending this at past 11pm my time…so your dinner time is over. Did it taste okay?

  4. I love trail mix and wasabi peas, we put quinoa in cereal (well I do) sometimes when I decide to be healthy. Loved the shots of your market…remember anything that tastes good or is good for you – is more expensive 😦 xx

    • The fruit trail mix is very yummy. It doesn’t last long for some reason.

      At the bulk store you scoop it into the bags.. unbeknownst at the cost…. Then the shock at the cash register… 😦

  5. Ooooh Amber I love quinoa. I just got a bag of red quinoa today, better all around I heard. My girls take it for lunch. I cook it with roasted butternut squash or pumpkin, add orange flavored cranberries and finely chopped parsley. They love it, Er, well, sometimes… I love it all the time. Rather like eating couscous. Also we are mostly gluten free at home. Mmmmm, yum, wasabi flavored chickpeas are my absolute favorite… I want more bulk stores lose to where I live. I go to Whole Foods…. Waaaaay expensive.
    Thank you for the follow btw. I am still following you but it involves something complicated like unfollowing the first follow and then starting again * huge smiles* confused you did I? Sorry.

    • lol, nope I had to do that with some blogs for some reason. silly wordpress.

      The quinoa would be fantastic with the squash. omg I am craving it now. Spaghetti squash could be interesting with it, still trying to decide if I like all those strands. lol. I tossed in bean sprouts for a tiny bit of texture, it tastes a lot like barley which we love.

      gluten free is very challenging.


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