Auto Repair

I am behind on award posts… so I thought I would do an auto repair post to make up for it…

while you ponder the logic of that deflection I will continue.



I don’t have a car

wait… don’t go yet.. 

Megans car was feeling ill. It was moaning… and rattling.

We share everything, so when a car is ill, we all fix it, this way one person isn’t stuck with big bills. 

Megan said we could fix it though. 

woo hoo

wait…. we?

So off we go, Meg and I. 

She was surprised at how fast I tagged along.

I think she expected me to change first or something, but I didn’t think I would get dirty. She keeps her car very clean. It is true, she doesn’t like complaining so keeping it clean is easier. She said I should scratch out complaining and write in nagging… hmm Aimee doesnt nag. Must be Jill.

My plan was to point to things with suggestions. You know, things that looked broken. I can usually tell when things are broken. 

So I stood in front of the car and waited for Meg to open the lid.

but she was going the wrong way, to the back of the car…. forgot her keys?

then she vanished!

I waited a moment, you know, in case she was going to sneak up on me.

*sighs* ok I wandered back to see why she was napping under the car. I mean that looked messy.

I peeked, she was wiggling something. It made a lot of noise, sort of rattly. 

she rolled out.. “the muffler is hanging loose”

oh noooo, that sounds expensive, and we went to the show two weeks in a row.. eeeeps…

I peeked under

“yup.. I guess so…. can we just tie it up?”

She nodded, woo hoo, I got it right first time.

I will get some string I told her.. and started off.

Wait.. she said.. mufflers get hot, string won’t work.. 

Well that makes sense I wear a muffler skiing and it does get hot.

“wire” she said. 

hmmmm, we have wire?

“Ambers…. coat hangers”

“oh, but they will melt.”

“not the plastic ones, the old wire ones in the basement”… oh, well I knew that.hanger

But then we had to cut it… hmmmm. 

Standing by the back of the car with the wire coat hangers only solved a part of the problem.

Megan has a tool box. She was ahead of me and pulled out some tools. A big pair of pliers that had some sort of cutter on them. She made a funny face and grunted.

snip, Then another funny face and another grunt. snip we had a wire. and a hook. 

Meg popped back down and rolled under. I handed her the wire. Then when she called me back, what? Aimee and Jill got home I wanted to tell them we were fixing the car… She wanted the pliers. She didn’t want the hook. 

I heard some wiggling and some grunts and then she rolled back out smiling. It only took five minutes of grunting. 

woo hoo, we fixed it.

She said we need to buy a new thingie to hold it on, but it looked easy to replace. 

phew. That was not so hard, and I didn’t get dirty at all and we had a hook now too.

Auto repair seems to be quite easy. 

especially if you have a Megan. 



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

12 responses »

  1. Yes “we” fixed it. But it is still clunking on the potholes, we need to get the right bracket. “thingie”. It is quiet though. 🙂

  2. Megan ROCKS! As for Amber – string? You were going to tie up a muffler with string? UGH!

  3. Ok….car repairs are wayyyy beyond me. Wait, I can change the oil. Well, maybe not. But I wanted to say that haha.

    And …

    I will not start using the word ‘we’ whenever I am just hanging nearby someone doing the acutal repair. In fact, the dishwasher…the repair feller and I ….or…WE…fixed it nod nods. I should ask for half the money back *grins*

    And of course…..way to go Megan!!!

    Though questions…aren’t mufflers supposed to make things quiter? *looks at Amber* … you should get mufflers for the rooftop when it hails nod nods. Or when 4 people go into the home improvement shop to look for faucet parts… they need to wear mufflers then *giggles and runs*

  4. You girls have made me smile – thank you xx


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