Cooking Myths


Oh I have been there…

Cooking nooooo I mean cooking myths

A foody blog. woo hoo.. hmmm well sort of.


There are a lot of Myths with cooking, Some people will be surprised, many of these may even make you go noooo. well think about it. Do you put baking soda in the fridge to keep down odors? Oh arm and hammer will like you. Truth be told it doesn’t do a dang thing, baking soda can’t absorb odors. Charcoal can. Not  baking soda. Wash your fridge and keep food covered and it won’t smell. But the baking soda.. tis just clever marketing that made you buy it for years… oh, they lied.

so on to more, some myths that are just so wrong.

Store Bread In The Refrigerator To Keep It Fresh. Noooooooo… this causes the starches to crystallize, the bread will go stale faster in the fridge!

Sear Meat To Seal In Moisture: Noooooooo… this actually releases more moisture, but can add flavour. It will not keep juices in.

Cooking Will Cause Alcohol to Evaporate.  Noooooooo… not unless you are going to cook for a verrrrrry long time. like for three hours or more!

Add Oil To Pasta Water For Cooking: Noooooooo… not unless you don’t want any sauce on it, I mean no sauce, the pasta becomes slippery and the sauce doesn’t stick.

Keep Tomatoes In the Fridge:  Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… never ever put a tomato in the fridge, just throw it out now… chilling tomatoes ruins the flavour. If you are going to put it in the fridge, tis better to just toss it now.

Brown Eggs are Better Than White. Noooooooo omg…  Nooooooooo… there is no difference. Just like with people. sheish.

Don’t Wash Mushrooms In Water. Noooooooo omg do you know what they grow them in? DO YOU?  Wash them, they are 90% water now. There is no fungi on the outside that will cause flavour to disappear by washing them, that other stuff will disappear with washing though.. and if you are cooking with unwashed mushrooms I am not coming over for dinner. *nods lots*

Pork Must Be Well Done: Noooooooo again,  Ground pork just like Ground Beef should be well done, Pork chops/roasts however do not need to be well done, they can be pink in the center, they can be removed at a core temp of 145 and allowed to rest. (this is recommended by the USDA)  Unless you grind your own beef or pork it should be cooked to well done.

Egg Sandwiches/Potato Salad Foods With Mayo Spoil faster. Noooooooo the mayo has some acid in it, it will actually keep food longer.

Rinse Pasta Off To Stop Cooking. Noooooooo … same as above, then the sauce won’t stick. Shocking it doesn’t stop cooking, take it off sooner.

Salted Water Boils Faster. Noooooooo – just noooooooo

Lard Is Evil. hmmm, well maybe, it is better than butter, less saturated fat and less cholesterol, also no trans-fats that margarine and shortening will have. But don’t go eating tablespoons of it….

The Seeds Are the Hottest In Peppers. Noooooooo tis the white flesh. Not the seeds. Seeds may taste hot as they have brushed against the hot flesh.

Licorice Is Bad For You. Yesssssss, so pack it all up and send it to me. 



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Oh gosh. I had no idea licorice was so bad for you. And wouldn’t ya know, right after I had a truckload delivered. Dutifully wraps it all up and sends it C.O.D. to Amber. Hope you don’t have to don one of those protective suit thingies to dispose of it all!

  2. LOL at the last one … now how can I trust all the rest of the myths when I read the last one??? (though..*gasps* … I am not a licorice lover*)

    As for the myths though….MANY I was fooled by. Most notably, the feckin baking soda in the refrigerator one. REALLY? I have been spending money needlessly every other month?!?!?!? Damn!

    As for the mushroom one…ew. I actually also cut the bottoms of the stems off too.

    Oh….are you going to make a pi(e) today?

  3. What???? Baking soda in the fridge does not work? Why have I been doing this for so long? Pffft! Taking it out, using the rest to clean stuff around the house. Hmmm, yes! Mushrooms are pretty disgusting if not washed, I wash and wipe clean everything… Not keen on liquorice, soooo, definitely not adding that to my stash 🙂

  4. I’d like to print this out and stick it to my fridge. As a matter of fact…I’m going to do just that! I will think of you every time I eat 🙂


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