Easter painted eggs

Another holiday doth approacheth.


Time to get out the paint and the… uhm eggs.

Craft with flair. Though how can you beat a perfectly purple egg?



Some people have amazing talent. And you can eat it too…  but wouldn’t that be a shame?


And like works of art with fancy frames.

Have you ever painted eggs?


 maybe two at a time?

There are kits and stencils to make it easier, or you can dye them and see what happens.

easter-egg-timegold is nice too,

and I bet there is chocolate in this one…

so that one would be mine, *nods lots*.

painted Easter eggs

 But these are gold also,

I think more care went into those though. and maybe not chocolate.

so hmmm. ponders them for a bit.

rp2897_2   Peacocks are nice, hmm but Easter Peacocks?

I will have to check google.


Not as complicated, but very pretty, and a basket of them too.

What a nice centerpiece that would make.


Now cute bunnies, there we go and all in a row. These are so cute!


like stained glass

little jewels 


a simple basket of simple eggs

are nice too.

but what is that line in the middle, do they unscrew? 


awww, they are cute!


now this is creative, I wonder how it was done.

th (6)


Texas eggs?



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

16 responses »

  1. Ohh….pretty!!!!

    I liked the ones that had sort of an african painting on them…but I also loved the ones with the flowers on it (in the basket).

    And you KNOW I want the golden chocolate one right? *tries to figure out a way to steal it from you*

    This totally made me smile.

  2. My heart doth yearn for a chocolate egg… How poetic of me.. No, seriously, I love a gold truffle chocolate egg, btw since that one is Katie’s egg 😉 I’ll have to settle for the smaller gold eggs. How beautiful are they ? I don’t know if I would even eat it, would it spoil? Hmm, something to think about.

  3. By the way, shouldn’t the last one have been, “EGGads” ?!?!?! hehe

  4. Katie’s Egg! How beautiful are you Amber xx

  5. Thank you Amber! *vbs*


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