Headaches from invisible noise

Unexplained Headaches / Migraines


Something was said on another blog about headaches and old televisions.

It got me to thinking.

Tones, high pitched noises can be quite painful.


Tones that you can not hear can be worse. Wait tones you can’t hear?

Of course. humans hear a range of tones, as you age this range decreases. When young and perfect we can hear from 20 hz to 20 khz. 

hz stands for hertz  khz is Kilohertz, so a thousand times more, which is a higher pitched sound.


The human ear can hear up to perhaps 20 khz when young, as you age this drops. If you can’t hear the 8 khz tone you perhaps should have a hearing test. Speakers too, may not generate tones that are very high, some can of course, perhaps yours can not. On my lap top I heard the 20 khz tone. Dogs hear 40 to 60 khz.


The high pitched sounds are annoying, painful. They cause a pressure in your ears, even when you can not hear them, you may feel a pressure that hurts. These sounds can become quite high in pitch so you won’t hear them, but they will cause headaches or migraines. 

Some shops will play high pitched sounds to keep people from loitering out front, they are pitched so that children will hear it, but not adults. 

It doesn’t end there though, electronics in your home will make high pitched tones. Fans can do so, your computers have fans. It isn’t just fans though, electronic components vibrate, vibration creates sound. 

Televisions are bad for this and not just the old CRT units, though the CRT’s are notorious for causing headaches due to a sound that most will not hear.  Your notebook too, or desktop computer can and will produce these tones, not through the speakers mind you, but the electronics inside.  Note that this can happen even if the device is turned off, as there is still a trickle of power flowing into the unit. 

Which of these tones can you hear?

Turn your volume down a bit, they can hurt. 


When you or if you can not hear one, play the next one, see if you can feel it.





About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. A lot of pitches really bother my ears! The buzzing of a TV, for example, or worse, a dog whistle. People say humans can’t hear those things but I must be part dog then. It makes a freakishly high pitched noise and it is SO irritating! These noises make me claw at my head until they go away!

  2. Ohh … is my hearing going??? I think I got up to 140000 only. Ack! (That was pretty cool with all the various sound limits.)

  3. I got to 18000Hz but lost it at the 22Hz 😦 xx

  4. I couldn’t hear the 16kHz but could definitely feel it, couldn’t hear the 18kHz but think I felt it, and nothing at all on the 20kHz. But thank you for an ear ringing experience! 🙂

    • I find that the pain lingers for a while after I shut them off.

      most electronic “noise” is in the 15 point something range.

      not hearing the noise but feeling it explains the headaches.

      🙂 sorry I hurt your ears.

      • I will be fine. I listen to ambulance sirens blaring all day. Funny thing though, that I forgot to mention about your post, is that I definitely felt the 16kHz in my teeth!

  5. These types of tests only work when your speakers are of a high enough dynamic range.
    That is all I can say.

    • tis true to a large point, I tried it on two different computers and one reproduced the sound better than the other, more to the point is how they hurt, and how noises you can not hear often may be the root of your migraines/headaches. 🙂

      • I understand that completely. I just wanted to participate in the test. I do not think my speakers are capable of that range. The fact that I cannot hear the noise nor am I supposed to makes it difficult or impossible to tell if the test is being conducted at all. Keep up the good work

  6. Heyyyyyy, wait just a darn second. I didn’t hear a thing after the 14000 one. *GRUMBLES* Are you sure they are working? Maybe my speakers don’t have the range that goes that high! Yup, that is my story and am standing by it. *Marches off waving hands*


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