goes for awwwws…….




today is a day



hot lemon tea with honey?

extra honey though

Sick Child test cold or flu

and a nice comfy bed


checks for sympathy 


a day to hide from the world…


and eat soup


with tiny peeks out now and then

images (6)

with hugs

to make it all better

sneaks one in for cuteness factor



16035186-sick-woman-with-a-flu-sneezing (Small)

and purple blankies

and friends

……to wait on me

ambers bell

oh oh… 

suspects I may be in troubles now….



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. awww, *feeling warm and snugly* so cute. what a lovely way to start my weekend, Amber.

  2. The Amber Bell? Oh my gosh. I think for sure you are in big troubles once certain peoples see that one! Very much hoping you are feeling better!

  3. Awwwwwwwwww….

    Are ye resting? Ring the bell when you need. And drink the soup. And I will gladly give you pitty … poor thing. (I am good with pity yes? *smiles*)

    I think you listened to me and stayed in bed then?

    I want you feeling better.
    I want you to not feel yuck.

    I want you to know … that that last photo is also what I think you look like *smiles*…so…there is tongue sticking Amber…and runny nose in a purple blanket Amber.

    Hoping you feel better soon.

  4. Sweet Amber sorry to hear you are feeling poorly…there is a very loud awwwwww from Melbourne Australia …just for you. Take Care sweety. xxx

  5. Awwww yes i see your sneaky picture haha she’s soooo cute! Imagine if she and billy had babies. Cuteness overload haha x

  6. One would think, with three Doctors in the house one of you would have cured the cold by now. Or make you “think” you didn’t really have one. 😉


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