Spring is in the air… hmmm it is?

Spring-32 (Small)


woo hoo spring


Wait, that is not what I meant. But ohhhhh slinky and no batteries required.

Last year I was complaining how hot it was, hmmmm that is not the case this year.

 I love spring where is it?

It is marked spring on the calender 


did mother nature not get one this year?

who is in charge of that?



~Wanted ~

for questioning

answers to Mother Nature


we don’t even have too much of this yet.  sheish.


not much of this either… hmm perhaps that is a good thing?

spring (Small)

This is what I want, all the colour

the smells

the water that is not hard and cold

where is that?

is it

That is my question. Mother natures is on vacation.


look, my igloo has not even melted yet.



look what we are missing.. puppy flowers. 😉

th (5)

All the tulips we planed in the fall…

they are peeking, but just barely. 


awww another puppy flower. 🙂


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

46 responses »

  1. Bahahaha, the roosters and igloo!

  2. Maybe it means we will have an EXTRA long summer???? Woooo

    In the meantime….


    *runs to get a kiddie swimming pool for the jello* hahaha

  3. *brings my cheesy plastic cup and holds it out waiting for my drink*

  4. Only popped in lovelies – sorry can’t stay for the whole ‘to-doo’ 😦 – going out for lunch and I haven’t even changed yet, have to fight my way out of this cocktail dress and high heels…*kathump* bloody things

  5. Can you save me some horses doovers please, oh and that drink the big red one over there, on the tray, no not that tray, behind the.. no not that.. that’s cordial grrr…the ah yes that one..ta

  6. haven’t done homework yet 😦 can’t if there is a party to go to!

  7. Ooooh, am I too late? no jello shots… head hurts already… maybe one of those pomergranate martini thingys… we’re celebrating Spring… but I love Pom juice….
    Katie, you peed your pants???? oh nooo


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