GAD    ~    OCD    ~     PTSD    ~    PHOBIAS    ~    PANIC DISORDER

Almost everything has short forms. Letters. It doesn’t make you feel any better, and some are just weird together. GAD sounds too much like glad.

Anxiety we all have at times, but there are times too, for some that it becomes more life dominating. Anxiety disorders. There are a few. They often overlap as well.

So this post encompasses a lot. I have a few videos. I have some sadness and I am going to yell at you. Why am I going to yell at you? Well I am frustrated, and if you can’t yell at friends who can you yell at. But I am going to yell at you. *points* yes you.

Today’s post is for information, I hope my next post will offer some help with anxiety. The short answer, is though,  to seek some help from a mental health professional rather than seeking help from a blog posting. I can only do so much with words, you need to seek assistance from someone in person. 🙂  I am not saying this to be mean, and I offer help as much as I can here, it is just not the same as a person to person meeting.


I have been meaning to cover GAD for some time, but decided because of the overlap to cover more.

Anxiety – worry, we all worry about some things. Anxiety disorders take worry to a new level. It can be difficult to understand. Understanding though, can make life so much easier for both the sufferer and family members and friends.

GAD ~ Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Worrying about things that are unlikely to occur, almost like low level panic attacks that last much longer.  The word Generalized is key, more all encompassing, a feeling of unease. There may be nothing bothering you, but you feel something is.

Stress, muscle tension follows this. The body remains tense most of the day, muscles are being used, they tire, you tire. Your body aches, you don’t know why.

Assumptions are often made, taking worry to deeper levels. Unrealistic jumps in logic occur to deepen worry. hmmm an example. You send an email to a friend, who unknown to you is very busy at the time, you assume things have gone wrong, perhaps they no longer like you. Your car picked up some stones in tires… so there is a ticking sound…. you feel the engine is about to fail and you imagine all the costs involved, where you will be when it stops working.

Symptoms can be broken down into three areas; physical, emotional and behavioral.

Physical: Tense, muscles ache, insomnia, stomach problems even nausea, IBS, skin rashes can worsen or develop. 

Emotional: Feelings of dread or doom occur. The unknown is hard to deal with, you have a need to know the future. Worry constantly

Behavioral:  Avoidance, concentration problems, can not relax, hiding or putting things off. Becoming housebound. 

When this becomes intrusive on your life, you can not stop your mind from taking these unrealistic leaps in thoughts that worry you more it may be a sign that you are suffering with GAD.

It can disrupt your social or business life. Your family life. It may lead to the feeling that you should not leave your home.


 Panic Disorder

I have posted on panic attacks before here “what is a panic attack and here .. “dealing with panic attacks.

Panic disorder is when you suffer from repeated attacks. Not everyone that has panic attacks develops a disorder. The disorder is more about the fear of the next attack than the attack itself. This anxiety can be overpowering. It can cause you to not want to leave the safety of your home. 



Phobias are more defined. A fear of more specific things. It could be crowds, or people, which makes it a social anxiety disorder or social phobia. Again, this is something to dig into with another post. 

The video explains phobias more clearly.

Videos are great. I plan on using more of them.


OCD – Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Compulsions that begin to rule you, counting, washing hands, fear of germs. Things must be done in a specific way. Must be. Just to be confusing too, OCD and Asperger’s syndrome run close parallels and can coexist. 

Where they separate more is, with OCD contamination is more the issue with compulsive actions, with Aspergers it is more for the desire for “sameness”.  With OCD you want to be able to stop, with Aspergers you don’t, it isn’t an issue for you.

If a compulsive behaviour is interrupted with OCD you fear the result, with Aspergers you are annoyed.

This post is more for anxiety though so I will visit Aspergers another time, Aspergers is not a mental illness. Yes anxiety and Aspergers can go hand in hand, but not always. 

Understanding someones needs for ritual or reluctance to touch can lesson their anxiety sooo much. To be compassionate is not that hard. Most with OCD do not share what they suffer or need to do. They will hide this. Another part of the stigma with mental health, it goes both ways. To tell friends and family what you struggle with will go a long way in helping you. Making them understand can be difficult. tis so important though.

The exact way things are laid out, clothing for tomorrow, your book case or desk, furniture, coasters. To have someone move them to annoy you is terrible, they do not know the pain this simple thing causes, this disrespect. 

Once more I have to say, this too is very in depth and worthy of future posts. This is just a background on anxiety which is a strong part of OCD.

Howie Mandel. I do love him and his humor. He has helped lower the stigma associated with OCD. You can even see when he did this in this video. 



PTSD is an anxiety disorder, caused by witnessing or taking part in a traumatic event. I have covered this in previous posts. PTSD here and PTSD FOLLOW UP here.

PTSD is often interrelated with GAD or OCD or both. Phobia disorders could also be incorporated with PTSD.

There can be strong anxiety with PTSD as well. Anything that triggers memories of the event can cause severe panic. You will avoid such situations. Female rape victims may not do well in situations where they are touched by males. Anxiety is a very strong part of PTSD. 

This video may be triggering.  

Becca doesn’t say what her traumatic event was in this video,

she doesn’t need to, it is not the point. 



Rehtaeh Parsons.

Rehtaeh (which is Heather backwards – her mother thought this a prettier name)

a 17 year old from Nova Scotia.

She, I am sure, suffered with PTSD.  She, when 15, said she was raped, 

Pictures of the event were circulated, even posted on the internet.

She was bullied online, adding to her misery.

She saw a new therapist days ago.

Her mother was feeling positive as she said they clicked,

she had hope. It was stolen.

Rest in peace Rehtaeh. I am so sorry you couldn’t find peace in life.

She took her life that evening.

Days later her family had to take her off life support 

Rehtaeh Parsons

I am posting this video as well. With the strongest hope that it can help. 

Bullying kills. 

Yelling time.

I have seen, in my short time, too many young girls that have been sexually molested and are fearful to tell their parents.  They don’t want to burden them, don’t want to cause stress for them.

Many times it was a family member, so they don’t want to rip the family up with scandal.

So I am yelling at you first.

*sighs* no, not really, I am hugging you and holding on  tight. I know how you feel and how you are torn. It is not right. You did nothing wrong. You can not keep going through this alone though. No I am not talking to any one of you in particular, more as a group. yes a group. You are not alone, there are a few of you reading this, quite a few. I have talked with many of you. This is something though, that bottled up inside you, well it festers. The longer it festers, the longer you hold it in, the deeper the root it takes. The harder it is to deal with. Now don’t fret, because it can be dealt with. Not alone though.

But you can not keep it inside. People can help you, only when you tell them. I can help you tell your parents, we can work out ways where you won’t freak out. I have done this before. Or you can just go tell them now. It won’t be that hard once you start. 

Think on this, because it is the first step to feeling better. Tis a big step, a hard one. We can take it together even. Just ask.

Now the rest of you. Did anyone watch Howie on his game show, where he would not shake hands. Did you giggle?

Did you ever see the show Monk? Where he had to touch each parking meter as he walked by them? Did you giggle?

See this is the problem. When you hear a person washes their hands eight times before eating, do you roll your eyes?

When someone refuses to visit you, because they are fearful to leave their home, do you sigh?

We have to be more understanding. More helpful. We can not criticize what we do not feel or understand. We have to make more effort to understand, so we can be supportive.

Do you think people want to be stuck in their homes, wash their hands a set number of times. Not shake your hand or hold their child?

This added stress we evoke on others. The stress they feel of our judgment, scorn. This is why they do not come forward, why they conceal and hide. Why they feel uncomfortable, stressed, why anxiety grows is a lot related to this. Because of us. Because we do not understand we increase their anxiety. 


Remove the Stigma 

Together we can do it!



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Great post 😀 people need to know this stuff! X

  2. A brilliant post my darling girl, informative and saddening. The clips were…no words. I think I have GAD & perhaps at times OCD, but I think you know that already. xxx Well written.

  3. Thank you Amber for continuing to educate and inform us. I couldn’t watch the last video. God bless her.

  4. I have read …. but not the videos yet … I will watch the videos….then maybe comment more. I know at least one will make me sad…maybe angry. I don’t know.

  5. I watched 3 of the videos so far (1 has not worked … the Howie Mandel one) … I have 2 others to watch …but I did watch the last one. I am so angry about it. I know the point is not to make others mad … but I cannot help it. I think I saw this news…*thinking* … this happened a few days ago I think.

    I am not sure what to comment at this moment ….

  6. This is a wonderful post full of great information. I hate when people roll their eyes or laugh when I say, I have a problem.
    It is truly sad about that young girl. She was taken too young, and it happens all too often. There are secrets that we never have the courage to tell, but we really need to speak up.

    • tis the secrets that fester, problems grow, when with understanding we have support near by. The people that can support need to be educated, it is the only way they can understand. The stigma is twofold, the frowns or eye rolling from those that do not understand, and the things hidden in minds because of shame. There should be no shame.

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