Where is spring?


pretty isn’t it?


it isn’t

because it looks like this too.


and at night…

it looked like




Then the next day.. it looked

like this…







and then at night

it looked like this again


and more candles…. 

don’t seem to make things any brighter.


We had an ice storm, freezing rain. Quite a bit of it. hmmm two days of it.

I don’t like freezing rain.

Our power went out. When we phoned to ask if they knew… and maybe for how long… the recorded message said to call 911 if it was an emergency, due to the enormous number of calls (or something like that) no further information was available. 

oh good, very reassuring. 

We have a wood stove, it will heat the house. We kept it going, well it was cold out obviously, ice was still on everything. Thick ice. Trees were bending and breaking, freezing rain was still falling.

We got candles ready, in case the power didn’t come on during the day….  it didn’t. 

so tis time to cook dinner.. 

now we may all be blonde, but when we are hungry we are going to eat. darn it!

Jill said we could eat crackers and yogurt.

Megan looked at me and then said to Jill…. ‘wait’.

I pushed the coals back in the fireplace, put in an extra fire brick we had to make a level spot.

Put a chicken in a metal pan that was oiled. Spiced it all up and put in some white wine, half a bottle, for steam to cook and help keep it from burning. covered it tightly with foil and into the wood stove it went. 

Potatoes were peeled, chopped, onions added, spices and lots of olive oil, double wrapped in foil and into the wood stove.

Asparagus went into a pot and on top of the stove.

we waited. 

It started to smell really yummy.

omg did it cook fast. Nothing burnt, it was great! I mean… IT WAS GREAT!

We smiled. A lot.

The next night.. yes there was another night, we did almost the same thing but instead we did wings. mmmm, but it was dark and we had to eat by candle light.

You know, candle light, well it is dark. It sounds romantic, but they really don’t throw that much light.

Of course cell phones only last so long with no charging, they died pretty quick. The power came on once, we ran around smiling and quickly set clocks.. and then it went out again, it was just to tease us… and it stayed out.

We played cards by candle light, it was fun, we were warm and well fed. The wine was chilled, we put the bottles outside with the food from our fridge. We wrapped our freezer with blankets hoping everything was going to stay frozen.

Last night we heard chainsaws, well this morning I guess. Tis a nice way to wake up through the night.

Do you know how quiet it is when nothing is running, all you hear is ice falling off branches and crashing below. 

But the saws… we were hoping… meant power would be on soon.

Well it wasn’t soon, but a few hours later it came on. YAY.

I feel sorry for those that still have no power, there are still a lot with out.




About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. I did the ‘Like’ thingy because you have power now. Yahhhhh!!!!

    I thought the first photo was beautiful…but I knew where this was headed. Tis a good thing you did not go out…downed power lines are dangerous. (I wonder … water and electricity is bad bad bad … does it carry through ice too?)

  2. Eugh, cold, snowy weather is not fun. Bring on hotness! X

  3. Ummmmm, spring is here! 75F to 90F now for six days in a row….leaves are out on all the trees……concentrates to send some spring your way…..*s*….have my fingers crossed you have a nice warm up soon!

  4. The first photo is stunning – amazing shots you have taken. You poor thing – how scary this must have been for you. How clever of you to get back to grass roots and make your dinner over the fire that way. This had me laughing – We wrapped our freezer with blankets hoping everything was going to stay frozen. I can imagine how frightening and frustrating it would have been without power – but then you had company, warmth, good food and wine *nods* tis a good thing. Stay Safe! xxx

    • well I took the photos, but from the internet 😉 my camera battery is not holding a charge and I have not replaced it, but the pictures are true to what we saw, they are from the storm. blech.

      wrapping your freezer insulates it, the hydro person we finally talked to said to do this to help keep the food frozen. it worked. Next time we will open it and put blankets on top to fill it then cover the outside.

  5. That first photograph is pretty. Hoping that spring finds its way to you soon. I am so very glad that I live in Vancouver. My folks are in Winnipeg and they still have snow …


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