Cottage Roll

A lighter blog today. ūüôā

We went shopping last night, we needed onions. Why is it when you go in to buy onions it costs $60.99?

There is something a foot I think. Some nefarious scheme.

Well perhaps we erred as we didn’t go to an onion store. Perhaps if we did, then this is all that would have gone in the cart.

Wait… that may be problem number two.. we had a cart. Well it was tiny and so cute that we just sort of grabbed it, I mean it was fun to drive, like an import or something. ¬†metal_grocery_shopping_cart_express3540_45_degree_view_medium¬† ¬†what? it was cute, like half a cart. It was very¬†maneuverable.. you know zippy, a high performance¬†model… did I mention cute? Aimee said some stores have carts I would like, they have flags and a “shopper in training sign“…. omg

darn thing seems to hold a lot though.


Well the store we went to is one of our favorites, they sell a lot of meat there and their meat is very good and soooo much cheaper than all the other stores. It is amazing how busy the store is.

We only needed onions though but we passed the candy section… wait, did I mention that they have a big candy section? well they do, bulk packed packs of candy, and it is also very inexpensive compared to other stores. But I pressed on..well until I saw a big box of licorice.. well two of them.. I mean a big box. A bin.. huge

ok so I have an addiction, I admit it. I will sign up for the first licorice indulgers¬†anonymous¬†meeting I see. But it was a big box, and when it is in a big box that means it is fresh! You squeeze it and it squishes… not like if there are only a few packs on the shelf and if they happen to fall off they shatter… ¬†You can smellllllll it as you pass… well I didn’t pass. A bag of red and a bag of black plopped into the bottom of the cute cart.


but it is licorice, come on…..

It helps when your roommates start to giggle. I mean really, they eat it too. When they find it… ok … so …. what again?

I share…

well on we went, but we hit the meat section and decided that the pork chops looked great and we were low, so in a bulk family pack went, hey not on the licorice…

We resisted getting more, it was hard though, I mean it looks so good, all laid out there, calling… Amberrrrrrrrrr

Onions, we spotted them, darn I wanted a bigger bag, but in they went, phew we got what we came for.

oh oh, Megan was by the deli meats… and some were already being sliced.. oh great, more things on my licorice.

Aimee was looking at the chocolate milk. Jill was showing her the larger sizes… She is very helpful. *groans*

I was left on my own.. wandering around with our onions in my sports cart, zipping around the big transport carts everyone else was pushing. Some shoppers are very grumpy, I signaled. 

then I spotted them again. Cottage rolls. I keep seeing them and wondering. I have never had one. I looked on the net once and didnt see to much about them.

oh, a picture.. hmmm lets see…


That is it!

The big sign said $2.49

ok that is hard to resist. They have great deals on meat there, did I mention we bought some brats too?


They were $1.99 for a pack, I grabbed two types, a honey garlic and a mild Italian. We usually get sausages from a butcher close to the cottage. Their sausages are just beyond fantastic.. but we don’t have any so I thought we could do these on Aimee’s BBQ.

Back to the cottage roll, I wandered… $2.49 for what looked like a boneless ham seemed a good deal. It is the end of our year so we are wringing out our socks now… I mean looking behind cushions for loose change. Good deals are.. well good.

In it went, carefully beside the licorice… chocolate milk.. and cold cuts (deli meats) Hamburger buns.. wait I can make those… sour face…

bacon.. what two pounds?

2.49 Aimee whispered…. ok, bacon…

hmmm Megan was wandering up the aisle with an armload… ¬†omg you are going to damage the suspension on my sports cart…..

I have to admit the sporty ride seemed a bit clunky now… I felt like I had a square wheel. Some nice old lady cut me off in her transport cart… I think she smirked too.

We took our onions to the checkout, the cottage roll slipped by the price wand thingie (I am sure it has a technical name)… ¬†what?!?!? ¬†2.49 a pound? it is now $9.00? eeeeps…. ¬†insert sad face here….

Megan pointed out we could put the licorice back…

but but but…

Do you know how long it takes for four people to count out coins whilst giggling?

Off to the car with our onions… hmmm and the tag alongs that jumped into my sports cart.

We arrived home and brought in our hmmm onions.. and unpacked, the pork chops had to be divided and packaged into freezer bags. The licorice had to be hidden put away, the chips sorted out.. what I forgot to mention the chips? oh, chips too..

I popped onto the internet, and cottage rolls are the pork version of a corned beef brisket.  lrg.1360603678 They are sooo good, and apparently the cottage rolls are the same, tender, full of flavour and sooooo yummy.

I am going to cook it in the crock pot this weekend with some of those expensive onions, carrots, and maybe some cabbage. The broth from the cooking will make a fantastic soup too. 


oh oh… we need carrots.. We will have to go shopping again.



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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. I think a youtube video of the four of you shopping for groceries could go viral! I have never had a cottage roll that I can remember, but am sure it will make for a wonderful meal. Of course, out of an abundance of caution, please be sure that Megan tries it first. *s*

  2. Ingredients:
    1 piece corned silverside(11/2-2kg)
    10 peppercorns
    1/2 cup malt vinegar
    2 bay leaves
    1 onion
    10 cloves
    1 carrot, roughly chopped
    2 sticks celery, roughly chopped
    Place the meat in the slow cooker and add all of the ingredients except for the onion and cloves.

    Peel the onion leaving the root intact. Slice in half and push 5 cloves into each onion half. Place in slow cooker.

    Pour enough hot water in to cover the meat.

    Cook for 4-5 hours on high or 6-8 hours on low setting.

    Just don’t add the licorice ūüôā

    • That looks great, if I add the vinegar will the broth still be good for a soup? With the corned beef brisket i usually add pickling spice to the water, it really flavours the meat.

      • I would say it would be ok – perhaps use the half the quantity recommended. As all good chefs..add..taste…add…taste ūüôā

      • It was about what I planned, I want to add some cabbage, but it cooks fast so I may take it out, pickling spices work well with the corn beef, I wonder about the cottage roll. I am excited, I think it is going to be great.

        If I add some Green Food Colour (no idea why i capped them) I can say it is Irish. ūüėČ

      • omg…corned beef and cabbage…and being green. That is Irish American at any rate hahaha.

        But if you REALLY want it to be Irish…you have to cook it until it can be cooked no longer…and tastes mushy. THEN it is Irish hahaha…omg…some Irish foods are horrible lol.

        (I do not thnk you have it in you to cook awful!)

  3. At the market we go to I use a grocery cart like the one you show. It is smaller and more manueverable nods nods.

    Oh….side note. What does everyone call it? Here in the US they call it shopping carts or grocery carts. I do now as well…but for a long while it was hard to switch and people used to ask me what I was saying. (In Ireland…or at least Galway…we called them ‘trollies’ … or ‘trollys’ however they are spelt. End side note. (Jaysus…Iam doing digressions in blog comments now. Ack!)

    Oh … I am now refusing to comment on licorice … and it’s evilness. I was told by someone who I think is super smart … do not keep reading about bad things…. or you feel bad. I am now applying that to the talking of licorice. Nod nods *smirkles*

    By the way, I could have told you that the $2.49 was a price <strong?per pound! Oh my though, that must have been a shock! Ack.

    And also … I want a crock pot recipe…but that one you do not have to give me lol…I know how to make brisket and cabbage…

    A very nice blog post to make us smile *smiles*

    • shopping carts *nods nods*

      I like the tiny one, it is sporty. It still holds too much though.

      omg.. I feel a silent scream coming on… licorice hater..

      They sell small hams there, for about that price, I was fooled. it better be as yummy as Mumsy says or she is in big troubles. ūüėČ

      pizza in the crock?

      • If you do find a recipe for crockpot pizza I want it lol.

        By the way, by my count, you owe me $0.20 … then again, what I owe you is sort of immeasurable *smiles* … can we call it even? heh.

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