How to make 4 girls moan… at the dinner table.

eeeeeps, I wonder what this title is going to do to my stats.

What? oh.. you thought we had a chocolate fondue… 

hmmmm. no?

eeeeeeps again.


I cooked the cottage roll on the weekend. It was easy I did so in the crock pot.  So the title perhaps gives away the reviews… 



I chopped up carrots, onion and celery.

Put the cottage roll in the crock and the veggies as well. Then a few table spoons of pickling spice, it is a nice blend of spices that I use when doing ham or corned beef briskets. I also put in some hunks of cabbage and some garlic and rosemary… oh and a dash of thyme. Then a cup of white wine.. hmmm or two? … and then almost covered the meat with water.

no salt or pepper though, the pickling spice has enough peppery flavour and the brined cottage roll will not need any salt.

Simmered for 6 hours on high.

Out came the cottage roll, then I strained the broth and tossed the veggies, they were covered with the pickling spice and I didn’t feel like picking it off. I did save the carrots as they were big chunks. 

I then boiled some potatoes in the broth. The broth gave them an amazing flavour. I then put the broth in the freezer to make a soup with later. 

We tasted the cottage roll…..

hence the title of the post.

I can’t elaborate on that any more. It was beyond what I hoped.





About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Well we did didn’t we? It was fantastic! I can’t wait for the soup.

  2. It was very good, but I didn’t moan.

    • Oh yes you did. Three times!

      • I totally think Jill MOANED! *Nods* By the way, I still think you should film a reality tv series about your escapades. Who knows? You all are already stars but then the world would know too! *s* Have a wonderful Thursday evening meal and I hope it is every bit as delicious as the Cottage Roll you had two days ago. Sends special *hugs* from the USA.

      • Ohh…Chelle … I would watch it too. Ohhhh….we could both watch and point and say we knew her when way back when. Nod nods. They should sing on their reality show too nod nods.

      • we are very good singers. Aimee sings like an angel.

  3. *laughing* ….omg you 3.

    Uhm…will there be any left when I come over for sandwiches?

    So did you moan when you took the first bite? And then moan again when you took the one-too-many bite? (I sometimes moan when I have over eaten and don’t have on my super elastic sweat pants haha.)

  4. Damn.. I was so sure it was chocolate 😉

  5. I moan when I eat really good chocolate… Not once but at least five, if it is a chocolate mousse, may be six. I thought surely, the moaning would have to be for chocolate but you surprised me haaaaa haaa, I would totally moan with good food, so those cottage roll moans sound just about right. Can’t wait to hear about the soup.


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