Anxiety and Depression ~ evil partners

Depressed or suffering from anxiety…. or can you do both?

Are they linked or two separate disorders?

Depression and Anxiety are opposites how can they be linked?

Let’s explore this a bit.


I have written about both anxiety and depression. This is a little bit different.

Depression and anxiety often travel together, many suffer with both, often more than half of those with depression also have anxiety. Together they can be very difficult to live with and harder to diagnose and treat. But.. again that big but..  They can be treated. Though they are technically opposites, they are linked. 

Depression, for a short explanation is withdrawal, shutting down, giving up.

Anxiety is concern for upcoming things, fear of what is to come.

Depression sees this and tells you to just give up, you won’t be able to handle it.

It can be confusing to diagnose between anxiety and depression, though it seems straightforward.

Does this mean then, that it is hopeless?  I should give up?


The treatment, yes there is treatment, is for the most part, very similar.

A lot of it is CBT, I have spoken/written about this before.  (Cognitive-behavioral therapy)

a glimpse into my world

CBT can be used to show that some situations, that are of such a strong concern, will not have the expected outcome that are feared so much. 

The video briefly touched on the strong compulsion for hand washing… and then the hand dipping in the toilet. This would be so hard to do, but afterwards, when the world did not end, so to speak, it shows that things are possible.

Something simpler as a start, is to leave a half consumed tin of a soft drink on a coffee table for a few days. The pull to dispose of it is so strong, overriding that feeling is a step, a goal set and achieved. After the set time, and the tin is tossed carefully, there is accomplishment. Again the world did not end, you have shown yourself you can overcome. So another goal is set. Each time you overcome, meet the goal, you feel more empowered. You realize you can overcome. You have tools to apply this to other things. To overcome them as well. With success. 

This works with depression as well, setting goals and achieving them. Modifying your behaviour. Tiny goals that grow and strengthen your self esteem as each is successively completed.  A regimented day, getting up, bathing. small steps. 

Medications as well, yes don’t fear what can help you. The selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors prescribed for depression will also help with anxiety. Medication can help pull you out faster, combined with therapy you will recover more quickly, with therapy giving you tools, you may find you will no longer need medication.

Therapy, will have a longer lasting result, less chance for relapse. You are trained to recognized symptoms, signs, triggers and what to do when they appear. You can react faster, avoiding relapse. It gives you the tools to cope on your own, it empowers you, this feeling strengthens you.

This can give some insight on how CBT addresses  depression

There is homework with CBT, this is how it works / succeeds.  You have to apply yourself, but the  rewards are endless… they are You. Bringing You back to life. 

When to seek help? When is enough too much? How long should you try to work it out on your own?

pssst not long.

If you are feeling anxiety or depression… or both, are starting to control your life, life style, it is time. Many will say two weeks of strong anxiety with no real explanation, or two weeks of depression that is not related to a specific cause, then it is time. 

Start with your GP, your doctor. They can do a lot to help you or point the way to further help.

But take that step, why wait? How long do you want to stay this way?

you can not buy back time.

there is no shame in asking for help.

remember, you are worth it.

If you are suffering from Depression and or Anxiety.

Depression is not something to fear saying you have, to feel the stigma over. It is quite  common. One out of six will suffer from it. Less than half will seek help.

Anxiety is common as well, one out of four will experience an episode. How many will seek help?

Treatment is not limited to CBT. there are other types of psychotherapy that are used, or combined. Seeking help is not an admission of weakness. It is a show of strength, it is not an admission that you are “crazy” but quite sane, you are showing that you have an illness and want a cure.

Treatment will show, that diet and exercise are important. But not the only things that you can do to help yourself. But.. there is that but again, until you take that first step, you will never know will you.

See your phone over there? Look now please, it is not very far away.

psssst call your doctor please.

Take the first step to reclaim You.



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. At one time or another, just about everyone will experience a need to reach out and talk to someone (a professional someone). With informative posts like this one, I am hoping we can continue to chip away at the stigma associated with mental health illness. *GIves a Gold Star* Great job!

  2. Such a fabulous post Amber. You’re helping so many simply by breaking down each and every aspect of depression and anxiety. I was just talking about this today with a friend. We all have some form of anxiety and some form depression… Anytime we feel like we want to shut down from the world or our families, anytime we feel like it’s impending doom and start to fear the unknown, we’re anxious. If my life is too hectic and I have too much on my plate, I use humor to get through my days. I love how much information you have provided. Hooray!

  3. Anxiety and depression. The twin bane of the Empath.

  4. i am watching the first video as I write this. (Actually, I am letting it load more…I watched the first minute and it has to catch up…so am typing.)

    The part in the post that I want to not most to and tell people about is when you said that:

    Seeking help is not an admission of weakness. It is a show of strength, it is not an admission that you are “crazy” but quite sane, you are showing that you have an illness and want a cure.

    You are doing so much good Amber.

    Ride the Wave


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