How do you approach a new blog

When you decide to see what others are saying, to find another blog to read…

Not that the ones I follow now are dull in any way, but we stumble across or search sometimes for others, just to have a peek. Maybe follow a comment someone made back to their blog and poke about a bit.

So how do you decide to approach a new blog? Do you stalk it for a while? 

Or do you just go through the reader clicking like on everything to raise your stats?

Questions, I have questions.. and you didn’t study.



oh… this is not a rant.


So when approaching a new blog… one that may be of interest. What do you do?

Perhaps read some past posts or do a search on the blog to see if they discuss a particular topic of some sort?

Do you read the “about” right away? Click on “like” perhaps and then quickly close windows in case someone peeks back?

Or do you read the most recent post, perhaps that is what drew you in.. and click like.. maybe even… comment?

Comment, hmmm. words shot out into the interweb, chosen with care. Maybe some words of encouragement, or a way to go…. oh wait, that is the same isn’t it? You check back moments later to see if the comment was replied to…  

Do you take the trouble to read a blog post and then not comment? What? You have nothing at all to say? Not even a way to go? or… a what about this?

Do you like comments on your blog? Do you answer them?

Lots of questions huh? wait I snuck in another one.

oh wait… I have even more


Do you go through the reader and click on follow… but never read the blog? why would you do that?

Do you ever comment on blogs? oh wait, you won’t answer this one will you.images (1)

Are you nervous? hmm probably not this one either.  psssst I dont bite.

like, is it pressed because you like the content? the blogger? or to show you read the blog? or maybe to lend support?

hmmmmm, so if you want to lend support, then say this in a comment? Wouldn’t that lend more support? Oh wait, that is difficult?

Is  a happy face as a comment better than a like? I think so, it seems a bit more personal. 


It is really basic, blogging, it is more enjoyable too if you interact, pass on comments, comment your self.. and then when your comment is answered.. perhaps re visit it, maybe a conversation will start. Or… ask a question? Maybe the poster can clear things up for you, provide more answers, or do a follow up posting.  omg.. you know what happens then? You make friends from all over the world!

Isn’t that one of the reasons you blog?

When I ‘stalk’ a new blog, I read the newest post, usually half way through I peek at the about, it is like looking at the back of the book for the answers. Then go back to the post. I may leave a like somewhere to show I visited, most often I leave a comment. I am gabby, lol. 

If the comment is answered, I often reply to it and visit the blog again a few times, peek to see where it is going. If the comment goes unanswered, I may not revisit. Oh, not with all comments, but if one was made in depth perhaps I may not. If it is, a rapport may begin, perhaps a friendship may start, so then I follow.

The like button, hmmm I poke it sometimes, usually if I like a blog/post though, I say so. I mean I took the time to read it, so it is not much more time to say good job. Or to offer something. I do that often as well. 

Have you encountered posts where the word Help is in the tags? tis hard not to help if you can. Either some support or perhaps more, answering some questions even. 

Or something pulls at you.. or it was really really funny?   did you tell them?

Perhaps someone painted a picture with words, a poem, a prose.. a story.. or a story about them.. maybe they make you cry… did you post a comment? Let them know how it touched you?

Maybe a photo or image touched you, maybe it made you giggle….

Perhaps you felt their suffering and shared it once as well, and knew what a hug would mean….

did you?



That’s all for now. Something to ponder.

oh.. but don’t click on follow a blog if you are not going to read it.

Don’t click on like if you didn’t read the post…. some set traps. 😉

Remember, there are people on the other side



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Love this post! It’s really helpful if, instead of just clicking “Like”, your readers actually leave a comment about what they liked about your post, or what they would like you to blog more about. It’s always nice to have some encouragement.

    I always like to read the “About” page first and find out a little bit about the blogger and what their blog is about. Then I like to read the most recent post, or a post that was recommended to me through a link. Then, if their blog is something that speaks to me, and is something that I am very passionate about, I will follow them.

    You have a style of writing that captures the reader, and engages them, and doesn’t let them go. They are captivated by your words of wit, your humour and understanding. It pulls them in and hugs them warmly, like a cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter’s day.

    You can just picture the twinkle in your eyes as your fingers type the words that flow from your keyboard and into our hearts. That is the mark of a good writer, a gentle and caring soul.

  2. Hey! I just started my blog the other day and noticed that you liked one of my posts. Thank you… I originally thought my posts would be read by no one but seeing people “like” some of my posts is encouraging. I’ve checked out a few of your posts, you talk about things that I experience as well. So I will definitely be back!

  3. I hop around, read the most recent post, go back a few posts. Look at how often the writer post look at the about page.

  4. I typically read the most recent post. And also the ‘About’ page. You know, to get a sense of the blogger and what s/he writes about. If a post resonates with me, grabs me, touches me, makes me laugh, etc. I not only do the ‘like’ thing, I also make a comment telling the blogger so.

  5. Time allowing my sweetness I shall poke around, usually at the people that are following the people that I follow (as I figure we must have the same interests to be following the same person). I have clicked like after a reading a post and then I shall go a bit later and see what is happening. I always comment on the blogs that I follow (well try to) I also read the About page to see what they are like (which reminds me I think it’s time I changed mine). Throws arms up over head and runs around the room..hmmm where have I heard that before? 😉 xxx Excellent post as usual my lovely.

  6. I’m a bit of a blog tart. I flit back and forward with what I read. Something catches my eye and draws me in, but doesn’t necessarily encourage me to revisit. Others I’m addicted to.
    I leave comments only if I actually have something to say, instead using the like button to say I get where you’re coming from.
    You have of course made me ponder if maybe I should be a little more vocal in commenting on some of the things I read!

  7. I was almost going to copy-paste each question you had and answer them all lol. I am too much a list maker haha.

    But I answer to most of your questions….how do I approach a new bog?

    It sort of depends. It depends on how I first find them I suppose.

    Sometimes I:
    – stumble across them: In these instances I will read. I may or may not comment right away. I might stalk a bit. (eeps!) So I also suspect I do not follow right away.

    – search on a particular topic: When this happens, I am usually looking for something in particular, or am in a particular mood. And I suspect I generally comment then. I may or may not follow … it… depends.

    – find a comment on one of my blogs: I try to get back to that person’s blog to thank … and read some of their writings too. I wonder a lot what got them to my blog too … why they commented. I might search a little for clues.

    – find a comment on one of the blogs I follow: It’s interesting how those who follow one another, their followers can become friends too. I like that.

    In general, I will go to the person’s about page first (if they have one). Then I will poke around their blog.

    The ‘Like’ button … we have conversed on that a lot….I will say that when I do click on the ‘Like’ button, it is normally done in this order: (1) Read blog post. (2) Click ‘Like’. (3) Leave a comment.

    Oh … sometimes in the comments I talk wayyyyyyyyyyyy too much and end up hijacking the blog post. OMG….people do that sometimes nod nods. I am one of the worst offenders at times lol.


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