A relaxing day

A day off, woo hoo, to sit in the sun and just flop. 

well I guess we could have done that. hmmm perhaps we should have?

I was going to say I had a busy week, but we all did. The weather this weekend was grand. Finally. wait, where is the exclamation mark…. !

It was sunny and warm woo hoo, we could tan!

But I wanted to go for a run. Not a long one, I mean I don’t have a bike… so it was just 5k. I like the 5k run, about 2.5 k away there is a nice chip truck… what? but they put on gravy and cheese curds. so it is a healthy snack.

Megan said she wanted some Poutine (psst that is what it is called), so she said she was going to come along… then Jill heard .. my quiet run was going to be more fun… and Aimee too. woo hoo, see if exercise has a reward…

It was great, so sunny, the blossoms are on the trees, everyone is happy, so lots of waving. 


When we got back we saw our neighbours, a nice senior couple, were raking their lawn… something we have put off so far for some reason.. nasty exams taking up valuable raking time.. sheish.

The thought of tanning whilst they were raking just seemed so wrong. They are so nice but they have some health issues, we try to help when we can. She makes great cookies too. 🙂

We grabbed our rakes and went next door and took their rakes too, it went quite quickly so we scooted back to our yard and did it as well, well they sort of connect like one big yard.. it just looked wrong to be half done. 

Then those nasty neighbours were digging up their flower gardens… well they were looking messy.. hmmm so are ours, wait we don’t have any flowers. Oh well, we took the shovels away from them and started to turn earth, it did look much better. Meg noticed he was pulling a pressure washer out of his garage… now that looked fun. It really squirts far… we washed the walkways, driveways and patio stones, they looked great when we finished. We did sneak in for some breaks now and then, and to wash up, that earth was really dirty.

Then Jill pointed, she, our neighbour was coming out of the house with a tray and heading over to their BBQ, oh great, now we will have to put up with the aromas of a BBQ to torment us.  Rice doesn’t do so well on the BBQ. We have been eating a lot of rice. Did you hear us sigh?

nasty neighbours. teasing us like that.

omg, then I saw what she was going to BBQ… STeAkS… and shrimp… come on…. Sweat potatoes too… wrapped in foil… 

wait… 6 steaks for two people? 6 big potatoes?


We have nice neighbours. 

Aimee ran and got a couple bottles of a nice Cab Frank, I grabbed some onions and red peppers that I drizzled with olive oil and seasoned.. 

It was a perfect day.


oh, and it turns out, we did tan. 

Now I need a day off.


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. That sounds like a fantastic day! Hooray for nice neighbors 🙂

  2. Love your day Amber, I want a day to write, write to my heart’s content and then comment on all the blogs I love. Instead, I have been immersed in school projects for my daughters. Somehow I went from baking for a bake sale for the school talent show to organising everything and baking. Well I am now sitting on my bed, spent. I have now to help my eldest with her power point presentation, create a costume and get going on other things. Time is not on my side I’m afraid. I love your neighbours and how wonderful you’ll are for helping them out. Also that red exclamation point is soooo cool.

    • I hope you get an A+ on your homework. 😉

      you need a time turner too… I had a week like that.

      • A time turner, yessss! I definitely need one of those… Where? Where can I get one of those? Not at Hogwarts I checked. I am so tired Amber, just plain exhausted. Oh I meant to ask you about the 5k run. My friend and I have now started running and it feels so good, we are starting small and want to run a 5 k for charity, um, I have such doubts about my stamina, how do you do it? I am not a runner, I do yoga 🙂

      • Hogwarts is out? gasps…

        5k is a nice run, usually I will do longer ones, not when roomies tag along though. Work up to it, Run every second day, let muscles rest.. not every day.

        exhausted? The running may help with that feeling. When you push past the pain and keep going, it feels grand… but don’t try that until you feel you will be ready.

  3. Your day …. your roomies day….the neighbors day ….*dreamily smiles and thinks…* Now THAT…is a super grand day.

    I want to make you queen for the month….*smiles*

    Uhm….exercise has what kind of reward? omg…*shuts myself up*

  4. Running for 5k is a nice day? Even in my ‘youth’ I never ran, but 3 years ago I did go to the Gym for 3 years non stop 5 days sometimes 6 a week ..then I stopped. How lovely are your neighbours, as I read I had Wisteria Lane in my head for some reason…or is it just me? xxx


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