Thyme for our veggie garden

We are planning our veggie garden for this year, think spring fever is tugging now.

garden2Yay, we are excited.

The weather is getting warmer, we will plant soon we think. Maybe this week. woo hoo.

This year not so many potatoes, last year we had a forest of them. With not much space we thought smaller quantities of different veggies.

We will have herbs of course. Jill picked some up on the weekend, we will get more but she found some we didn’t have last year. Yay Jill. 🙂


lemongrass lemon grass…. eeeps does it grow that large? I have never cooked with it, but I think it could be interesting.

She also got some arugula IMG_0749… again I havent cooked with it, I know I live in a cave…

I want to though, hope it grows. I want to try it in a soup. Arugula-Soup-XL

The ones we planted last year we will continue with, the oregano is already up. It must be a perennial, why are all veggies not? I mean isn’t that a good idea? Then we wouldn’t need to buy them each spring… or plant them. Basil, thyme, dill and parsley. 

I wonder if we can find some horse radish or wassabi… 

We did well with tomatoes last year, I like the yellow ones, mmmm, so sweet. images (4) 


I think some plum tomatoes this year too though, maybe I will can some. blog-tomatoes

Some kohlrabi too download (1) it is nice in a salad. We already have green and yellow been seeds, spinach seeds, and radish seeds, they grew well last year. I think it is a perennial, I guess we will find out.

Peppers too, not hot ones… I don’t want to be swatted by someone… ….. bell peppers, red and yellow or orange. They are great steamed or stir fried. 

Not sure what else, onions probably, the shallots are yummyscallion.

Maybe some gnomes too7_garden_gnomes (Small)…. to rake and hoe through the night…. and look creepy … and stare at you…. and move when you don’t look…. but Aimee said they are cute. *rolls eyes*

oh, maybe a marshmallow tree?  we haven’t had one of those before. marshmallow-tree



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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. hehehehe …. I like the gnomes. And the marshmellow tree … ohhh, if there is a forest fire they will get toasty. We must bring chocolate and graham cracker cookies along!

    Lemon Grass…tis good in soups…but you will have to take out the lemon grass at the end, as it is hard….does not actually ‘cook’ from what I can tell…but good for flavor

    By the way…you ARE growing potatoes again this year. Grow them once….you will not get rid of them lol….some are still deep in the ground….later in the summer you will dig up more…weeds of the underground dirt lol.

    • OMG Katie that is what I was thinking about the gnomes… not necessarily the whole part about the forest fire and marshmallows but…

      So how does one grow garden gnomes and to what benefit are they, do they really do the gardening for you while you sleep???

      Lemon grass is common in herb teas… maybe you could try your hand at mixing up some concoctions and see what you like best?? like add it to green or white tea, that would be nice, maybe a tich of ginger? mmmmmm

      and Katie is totally right you will now have potatoes for the rest of your life in that garden…

      • gnomes.. Aimee planted them.. will they not grow? maybe she did not plant them deep enough.. I could fix that…..

        they watch me.. you can see their little eyes following… and they twitch if you stare.. and they have weapons.. rakes and hoes and tiny shovels… pssst one has a lantern.. omg!

    • forest fire? eeeeps.. wait.. there is no forest here. phew.

      Thai cooking too for the lemon grass. mmmmmmm.

      we will plant the chieftain potatoes, the ones with red skins. mmmm, in potato salad….

      • Oh, I like the little reds … but then…I am from potato land … so I like them all I guess haha.

        But seriously….as Andrea confirmed….you will never be rid of potatoes now nod nods. lol.

  2. Are there no licorice trees? We would save a lot of money if we could grow our own.

    The gnomes are cute. well most of them. 😉

  3. Hmm and I all I would grow would be – basil, thyme,parsley,rosemary and oregano… I have to find some gnomes to plant though as I would feed them well and make them grow. Good luck with your herb garden! 🙂 xx

  4. Gnomes don’t like potatoes, you could grow gnomes to find the potatoes 🙂 they also like to dig up certain gardens( er, the not so nice gnomes- some are truly nice) lemon grass is lovely, esp. In Thai cooking. They use it in their curries and soups. It is delicious for sure but once you grow it, it looks like a weed, it’s hard and you have to bash the end a bit to get your flavoring. I love Rosemary. Have 4 bushes, even if I don’t use it all the time, just for the fragrance in my garden and for how it looks 🙂 peppers too. Orange and yellow are my favorites. Oh how exciting. I can’t wait to see photos… It will be lovely.

    • They don’t like potato? what about the Irish Gnomes? 🙂
      the lemon grass may be nice with fish too. It already looks like a weed, clumps of grass. We will put a do not pull up sign on it, so the gnomes leave it alone.

      Rosemary, I just started to cook with it, before when I tried it, I didn’t like it, I love it now. 🙂

      • I saw that about the Irish damnit. *smirks*

        And we don’t so much have gnomes as leprechauns. Though…the Leprechauns are evil….bad….bad bad.

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