How to pick which T.V. show to watch


How to pick. there are so many… some are good.. some are.. hmm still on tv it seems.

Do you look for one that will educate.. or amuse… make you think… or give you a comfy glow.  download (4)

With roommates, of course, we need to be fair. download (3) We can not all like every show. 




There are some we watch together that we all like and it is a lot of fun with some of them. We call out helpful hints or groan in frustration when one of the people on the show appears to be a major twit. download (2)

Often there could be a movie that we all want to see, images (4)so then it is easy.


We look forward to some shows, often there will be one day in the week where many shows come on that are our favorites. That is a good night for treats images (7)     images (6) (pssst, but only if we eat our dinner)


Then, there are times when one of us may like a show.. so do we vote three against one and go no… sorry? and then look at the sad puppy eyes….  or allow them to watch it and go do something else? download (5)


or watch and pretend to like the show, because moving the dish didn’t work?  images (5)


or, jump right in and yell with them, going yay when they do and have more treats 277530-21716-39


yell out 10 all the time and give puzzled looks when someone frowns…..


go shhhhh when the commercial comes on… ?  wonder why you get looks when you start to dance to the music… even though you are sure that you are a very good dancer.

You must be as your roommates yell out ten… helpfully when you finish.  well some of them.

Yell together… Bruno sit down?


well that is what we do. 🙂








About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. I am SOOO pleased that Mr S has his TV at the other end of the house and I have mine below. Most of the time though I am writing and do not watch anything. My special shows are Greys Anatomy from the US, stupidly they put this on here starting at 10pm and do double episodes (so Mr S records it for me) I know how precious is he. I couldn’t imagine having to share with room mates and trying to decide especially if you are hooked on a series? (Passes the popcorn to you know who as I’m sure she ate her dinner) 🙂 xx

  2. I sooooooooooooooo have to make a list.

    1) That you all try to be fair and let the one in the minority watch her show is just … it just makes me smile super duper. And more…. that you would yell and hoot and holler with her *smiles*. If you and Aimee and Meg did not win awards you should. And Jill will give you all 11’s too.

    2) I cannot believe you yell out to the tele though…and tell the contestants what to do. They cannot hear you. Not because you aren’t yelling loud enough though…but because tis pre-recorded!

    3) *smirkles at DWTDL* It looks soooo like it is the real title too *rolls eyes but laughs because it is not as mean as Dancing With the Left Overs. OMG.

    4) And … *jumps in front of Bruno and tells you all*…”back off. Bruno is soooooo sexy!” He is my favorite lol.

    5) Popcorn? Dinner? Refers you to a post I saw about popcorn and distractions.

    Oh…*points*….LOOK, a bird ….

  3. I don’t make sad puppy eyes.

    I am happy you watched the show with me though. 🙂

  4. My hubby and I watch in two different rooms too, he is wonderful because he will hit the DVR the moment I call out and make a request, we watch certain shows together but if it is basketball all evening and I am watching Bruno gyrating, I pick Bruno… Poor Bruno, leave him alone. Although I like Len too( ahem my guilty pleasure)… I do watch other intelligent and er, um, noteworthy shows…;-)
    Wait! did she have the chocolate I gave her before she had the pop corn, she mentioned it was an after dinner treat.


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