being connected, is it good?

tis time to upgrade.

to join the up and coming world.

time to brag and push buttons as if I know what I am doing.

surf the internet in the middle of nowhere and find out interesting useless things.

to email whilst jogging

to pop on and know where north is.. while shopping

to check my day planner and know I am late.

to have alarms beep to remind me I should shop tomorrow.

to scan funny looking images to know what they are.

Yes, it is time to buy a new phone. 




Now my phone is fine, well uhm it still works. images (9)   what?

ok so I have put off upgrading, my money had been going elsewhere… you know food and things. gradcap1

so now the hunt begins, well I was sort of hinted at that it was time to upgrade, to be connected on weekends and such. hey, but that is when I vacation.. but it is important to be connected to some that need connecting. 

funny-cell-phone well not that connected, I hope. But it was indicated that things could be arranged to connect me…. 

mobile-payphone-01… wait can they do that?

Some of the new phones have some amazing features, you don’t have to unfold them anymore… and the cameras are as good as … hmmm, well my camera. images (8)

so what to pick… something spiffy.. first-cell-phone that fits in my pocket or purse. 

hmm that looks bumpy…

puppy_sleeping_on_phone oh that is a good feature.

I think I know what I want, it looks very confusing, it even has an aquarium in it… omg.. I will never figure out how to phone someone or answer it.

It is exciting though to look at all of them.. to see what they do.. or not do… is there anything they can not do? 

Megan said they are easier to answer all you have to do is wave at it… oh good. I can do that. If you are watching a movie on one, and glance away the movie pauses… wait movies?

but for texting.. you can just talk and the phone types.. Oh this could be useful then I can do other things whilst keeping connected.. multi tasking.images (10) woo hooo, summer is almost here…. 



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Oh…i so hope you get a new phone!….cuz you totally deserve it….*nods lots*….of course the big decision is to go Apple or android….no getting around that one….i would choose based on which one can best synch with your work or studies….i love Apple, but ended up with a Samsung Galaxy phone that works very well…of course, i have no idea what 90 percent of the lil apps and such do!….*gglz*….then again, be aware that the “plans” and such that they sell can be pretty expensive each month so that is always something to consider too….*ugh*…lots of tough decisions but whether an iPhone or a Samsung or equivalent, it will be SO much better than your flip phone!….is a fun time to be deciding and am sure you have done lots and lots of research, so no matter what you end up with, will be GREAT!

  2. Wooohooo, agrees with Chelle nod nods. About…well, everything haha.

    I bought my smart phone about … how long ago now? Seems forever ago…and errr…I can call and text and look at my email and the internet … but all the apps confuse me still. I have not figured out how to use the alarm correctly yet … or why my pictures still come out blurry (it must be me haha)

    So when you buy one … tell them what you are using it for most. If you watch movies you will need a bigger data plan. (I do not watch movies or music videos or get music on mine…I have the cheapest plan.)

    I have a …a … wait, let me look.

    Uhmm…an HTC 4G…something. It does not say on it. I can’t remember what it is! Ack! But it is supposed to be good. *shrugs*. I forget to turn the ringer on a lot. And mostly only my daughter calls me.

    And … you can talk into it and it texts? Really?

    *wonders if mine can do that*

    *wonders if it will say it CAN”T FECKIN RECOGNIZE my accent*

    *wonders if yours will be puppy drool proof*

    *wonders if you and Jill and Aimee and Meg will sit around the cottage and text each other whilst sitting on the dock(s)*

    Welcome to the 21st century Amber !!!! Now…when are we going to get a transporter?

  3. I have the worst luck with phones. I lost one, another got stolen and another got hacked by a crazy ex. I decided to get a really basic phone, it’s not smart but it has the internet if I need it and it has a camera.

    • I have a basic phone now, it phones…. lol, well texts too and has a tiny camera.. it would be terrible to break or lose one of the new ones, probably why everyone is on them all the time, they are afraid to put it down.

  4. I was also a ‘phone is a phone’ kinda gal, did not need all the fancy buttons, as long as I could phone and text that was fine by me. Guess who checks her emails continually, the weather, looks up google sites, uses the GPS, takes pretty good photos, uses heytell and other apps on her I5…little ‘ol me is all. Welcome aboard lovely. xx


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