apps or is it appsezess?

Well I did it! 

woo hoo

I am modern now, well until a new version comes out and then I will be obsolete. blech.

I bought a new cell phone. yay me.

One day I will figure out how to use it too, I understand you can make phone calls on them too? They are very smart, is it a problem when your phone may be smarter than you?


Well I am exploring apps now, the things that make the phone useful. 

I found a cute one that has been helpful. You run the app and then put your phone on the dash of your car I think. The lights strobe red and blue and there is a very loud siren. But I don’t have a car… so I just hold it when I am walking… lights  I pulled Aimee over this morning on the way to the bathroom, I got there first, woo hoo. 🙂

It was fun using it at the hospital today in the hallways. People really scooted out of the way. I don’t know why they were laughing. *makes a stern face*

I am going to try it at walmart later, I think it could be very useful there. 

There are apps to turn the phone into a flashlight, that is handy too, it really can drain the battery quickly. Also one that takes your pulse using the light and the camera. Then you know you are alive. This is handy too.

I like the one that interacts with our tv. remote A menu comes up on the phone telling what is on, with much better descriptions than the guide has on the TV, you pick the show and hit enter… the channel changes to the show you want. Jill doesn’t like this app. She told me.

Megan thought it was very good though, Jill was holding the remote but the channel kept changing. Megan was giggling too hard I think watching Jill as she kept checking the remote. I thought it was funny, because Jill was making stern faces at Megan… I of course was just watching the new show I picked, quietly. 

There is a handy shopping list app, IP-shoppingcartSo we don’t forget to buy licorice, I hope it runs with the siren and flashing lights going, that will be useful in the grocery store too, lots of slow moving vehicles there…. I of course usually have my sports buggy…

I love the texting by talking, then I can send Aimee a text by just reading it to the phone and it types for me… I used it a lot last night. She kept telling me she already knew what I texted her, as she was sitting beside me when I dictated it to the phone…. sheish.

eavesdroppers, I mean, really. It is very handy though, whilst watching TV you can say to the phone, send a text message, it answers, who would you like to send it to, I say Aimee… it then says what do you want to say, I dictated and then say send message, the phone says message sent. I mean it is very polite.

oh oh oh, there is an app, shazzam I think, if you hear a song you like, but don’t know what it is. You run this app, it listens to the song for a tiny bit, then tells you who sings it and the title of it. I tried it on Aimee, it didn’t work. It worked on the radio though. hmmm, must need an update or something. pssst, because Aimee sings like angels. 

The weather app is handy, Then you know it is raining and not to go out… or make puppy dog eyes at Megan for a ride to the hospital instead….  I wonder if there is an app for puppy dog eyes. I bet there is.



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. LOL, It was hilarious when you were changing the channels and involved in “your” new show.

    Yes Aimee does sing like angels, but so do you silly. 🙂

  2. I haven’t heard of the app to change channels how clever, heard about the one the song app, that’s pretty cool and the flashlight. Do you know about the one where you it records all the noises you make whilst sleeping and I think advises how much you actually slept? Some of them are incredible. Good luck playing with your new toy sweety 🙂

  3. Yahhhhh for the new phone!!!

    And it sounds like you got a super duper one…but the music app…does it not use a lot of internet memory? Or did you get a lot?

    And I have never heard of a tele remote app…then again, I don’t look for apps because …well..because lol.

    I do have a shopping one, called ‘Out of Milk” … and I like it a lot.

    Now…is there a squirrel chaser away app? omg lol


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