Long Weekend

A long weekend


Happy Canada Day weekend 

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ooooh fireworks


one of the best weekends on the lake, it is so much fun. So much to do and usually so warm.

Colorful Fireworks over Lake

Colorful Fireworks over Lake

What is better than fireworks on the lake?

well there are a lot of things that are close….

group-poppers-ice (Small)

 coolers, lol, well they are good too. We tried these last weekend, I think there are still some left. They were ok, but I have a question for the popper people… what flavour is Ice? I mean hard ice and wild ice? If they weren’t pretty colours we would not have tried them, I mean… eeps, Ice? is that the best you can do?

come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…..


so we will start off Friday night. 🙂 yay

time for a quick bit of fun before the sun sets

9131879-beautiful-girl-riding-her-jet-skis-in-the-sea-at-sunset-spray (Small)


and then the relaxing… and the coolers lol

4958132204_41ce4b3c2e (Small)

a campfire by the shore, tis so nice. The crackle and pop.. the singing and guitar playing…


 this is the only way to toast marshmallows, you know.. so you have one for a friend. (pssst golden brown.. not black or flaming….)

then sneaking out for a quiet canoe ride in the moonlight….

perseid-meteors-over-lake-minnewanka-aug-12-2012 (Small)

when it is so quiet.. the gentle sound of the paddles dipping lightly in the water… then the sound of splashes when the other canoe is in sight and the screams that follow… lol     what?  not me… *nods innocently*

The mornings.. when a fog is on the lake.. mist gently rising

the sound of a loon calling close by, ducking under the water…

Loon in early morning mist 1

maybe while the lake is calm, before all the fun starts and the boats make waves… a quiet ride

Paddle Boat on Lake (Small)

with someone special

Then the real fun can start, and still relaxing… but not with coolers.


and it is going to be hot… so cooling off will be on the top of the list


and this too….. woo hoo… I am getting excited. 

Eyak lake Float Plane

maybe a quiet boat ride to finish off the day… before the next campfire.


or one last paddle


or just sitting in a hammock and feeling the breeze blow off the lake, watching people zip by…. with friends


thinking too, of friends. Thinking a lot. But smiling too.


Have a great weekend everyone



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

10 responses »

  1. 🙂 quiet rides with someone special.

  2. Happy Canada Day!!! Cheers!!! And as for the superfun weekend that is apparently planned, please count me in. *gglz* Honestly, it sounds wonderful Amber. I know you all will have just a perfect time!

    Oh, perhaps I am reading between the lines, but a very special friend of yours would like a quiet canoe ride. *s* (Am just letting you know!.)

    Will be thinking of you zipping around the lake and watching fun fireworks! Have the best weekend ever!!!

  3. Have a wonderful weekend. I will be thinking of friends too, really sweet ones, who make me laugh and will talk about Colin Firth with me any day:-)
    Have a perfect weekend… I wish you Beautiful fireworks, a quiet ride on the lake, toasted marshmallows and sitting with friends. Love the four leaf clover.. So perfect.

  4. Have a great Canada Day! When I toast marshmallows I always end up setting them on fire (maybe on purpose) and then pulling the burnt stuff off to reveal gooey marshmallowness 😀

  5. Happy Canada Day – the clover…what can I say 🙂 **huggs** you for being you.

  6. *soft smile* … the clover will bring you luck for sure …. though I think you make your own luck by being …you *smiles*

    And…Happy Canada Day soon! Woooo wooo on fireworks….and roasted marshmellows. Mmmmmm smores…..

    And, don’t splash the others …. too much …

    Now … tell me you took that early morning paddle with the special one *S*…*quiet yahhhh*


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