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Our weather has been topsy turvy.  We had a nice weekend at the cottage, one day was nice the other rained. At home the rainy day was nice and sunny… the nice day at the cottage we had a horrible storm at home with flooding and massive power outages.

hmm but that does not really have anything to do with today’s post. It has been hot though, but summer is normally hot, sooo it is too hot to cook indoors. But you are limited on what you can cook on a BBQ…. or are you?

This weekend we roasted a chicken.. yes I know that is not really difficult on a BBQ… we did butterfly it though so it cooked faster and more evenly as it sat flat on the grill.

We cooked pizza.. and no not a frozen one, but from scratch… well two of them.

We also baked bread.

Whilst the bread was baking, we roasted beets.

omg, roasted beets. 🙂

asparagus as well. 🙂


The beets are easy, wash them, put them in foil with some oil a bit of butter, salt and pepper, wrap them up and into the bbq. It took about 20 minutes on a very low heat and even the skin tastes great. Adding the oil helps to keep the butter from burning. The great thing with fresh beets… is you get the tops too. We washed them then steamed them on the side burner. Beet tops are like baby spinach.. but I think better. 

The bread was easy too, I made the dough the night before at home, let it rise once, beat it back down, rolled it into a loaf, oiled it, wrapped it in plastic wrap and froze it.

We let it rise a second time at the cottage, put it in a pan that fit on the top rack, I put a cookie sheet on the lower rack to deflect the heat, on that rack went the beets and later the asparagus. (they cook faster, but the same way oil, butter and seasonings in foil)

The bread cooked perfectly, it was no different than baking it at home, but it didn’t heat up the cottage, and somehow it tasted so much better having bbq’ed it.

The pizza was easy too and a lot of fun.

The toppings were precooked as there is not time to cook them on the pizza without burning the crust.

We chopped up tiny yellow zucchini zucchini_yellow Red bell peppers, red onion and mushrooms. They were oiled and seasoned then cooked in a bbq wok. 16_00

When finished we took them off. Olives were chopped up, feta cheese broken into smaller chunks, Parmesan and Mozzarella grated. We opened a tin of tomatoes too, yes tinned tomatoes, local ones are not ready yet and those pretend tomatoes in the grocery stores are just blobs of red. And a few avocados were chopped up (take them out of the shell and throw away the big seed/pit.. you know.. just in case you haven’t eaten avocado before)

Aimee made a tomato sauce, it was yummy. When I made the bread dough at home I also made a pizza dough, that was packed with oregano and basil… it smelled so good.

The dough was rolled out thin, then stretched more by hand. I flowered the back of a cookie sheet and put the dough on that, oiled the top with olive oil.

The bbq was turned as low as it goes and I placed the crust on the grill oiled side down, the top side was quickly oiled whilst on the grill (go fast). Two minutes later it was golden brown, so I pulled it onto the back of that cookie sheet. We carefully flipped it, so the uncooked side was now down, on the top the sauce was spread, the toppings and cheese added. 

The pizza was then slid back onto the grill and the lid closed.

a few minutes later the cheese was melted, the bottom crust cooked and woo hooo, we had pizza. Slide it out onto the back of the sheet again and away you go.

easy huh?

how was it?

well there is none left. 🙂



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Roasted beets… Omg!! My favorite. I add a bit of goat cheese and arugula into a salad and It is yummy!! I’ve never done pizza on the grill, I will try it and ooooh home made bread … Double yum! Don’t eat much of it but I’d rather eat home made than not, what??? There’s none left.., I wanted some.. Hmmmpf..

  2. So dinner at your place, yeah? 🙂
    I’ve never seen a yellow zuchinni, I must try it!

  3. The pizza sounded super yum. Beyond yum. And the veggies…*gugles* … and its cooked too….no bacteria *grins*

    oh oh oh….you know what I tried once long ago? (I should again)…bananas. Plantains are better … but the bananas work too ( and cooks faster). Ohhhh it is soooooo sweet.

    Now … we have to figure out how to do ice cream on the BB! *smirkles*

  4. That all sounds wonderful and though I am still waiting for the cholate and liquorice ..I guess I have to wait a little longer for your BBQ delight. Tha asparagus? I cook my on the BBQ plate, marinating them in the oil from sun dried tomatoes first then cook till al ‘dente… mouth is watering as I type. xx


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